Online Card Registration Now Available


Are you new to the Kent District Library service area? Do you need to replace a missing or damaged KDL library card? If so, we’ve made it easier than ever to get started. Just complete our new online registration form, identify your local KDL branch location, and your card will be ready and waiting for you at the branch specified. Choose from the classic KDL blue-water card or represent your favorite elephant with the Katie L. card. Whichever you choose, your KDL library card will provide you with access to a wealth of Information, Ideas, and Excitement!

What do you plan to do with your library card?


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6 Responses to “Online Card Registration Now Available”

  1. Amanda Bair Says:

    can I renew my card online? I’m trying to request some materials and the websit is not letting me because it says my registration has expired.

  2. Jon VanderPloeg (KDL Staff) Says:

    Hi Amanda-

    That is a great idea, but we have not added that feature yet. Give us a call at 616-784-2007 and our patron services department will be able to help you with that. Thanks for the inquiry!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I need to replace a damaged card. The online registration does not ask for your current library card number. Do you not need to know this information?

  4. Jon VanderPloeg (KDL Staff) Says:

    Hi Jennifer-

    You will not need to provide your current card number. If you fill out the form, we will create a new card for you. Thanks!

  5. karen sue zylstra Says:

    how to register my card. when i try to access my account, it says i need a email address. this is it

  6. Sheri Says:

    Hi Karen,

    If you already have a library card, but are having problems accessing your account, please call our Patron Services Department at 616-784-2007 and a staff member can assist you.

    KDL Webmaster