The day that our nation has been anticipating for 9 months (not a baby), the presidential election, is just around the corner.  It will be a day of changes, time of waiting, and the right of every registered voter to participate. Several books and websites on our 2008 election wiki page are available to help a voter be prepared to vote, but will you be prepared for a long wait?


I think a good book at your side will make a long line dwindle, a clock tick faster, and anxiety melt away. Be sure to take this opportunity to choose an entertaining book about politics; everyone needs a little excitement for the hectic day.

If the day seems stressful to you, maybe a good workout would relive some tension. I recommend some videos that will take your mind off voting, and put a little sweat in your day! After that, maybe a relaxing evening with a recipe from “Cooking with Friends” will prove once again that communities do matter.

However you choose to cast your vote, I hope these ideas will make your day in history count!

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Written by Deb


Deb is a Library Assistant at the KDL Alto branch. She is an avid athlete, enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys the advantage of eBooks on her iPhone because it allows her to read and bike at the same time.

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