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Did you know that your local library is one of the greatest resources for green living? After all, libraries are the original recyclers — just think of how many people have been able to enjoy the same book, the same movie, or the same music CD from their local library. Although we’re proud of this fact, we also realize there’s a lot more we can do. That’s why KDL has recently launched the “THINK GREEN” initiative. This initiative is part of KDL’s effort to support sustainability and environmental awareness in our communities. Not only do we plan to help educate and inform, but we’re also taking a closer look at our own organizational practices, from recycling efforts to building initiatives, in order to ensure a more environmentally sound approach.



As a part of our “green” efforts, we would like to introduce the new KDL “THINK GREEN” tote bags now available in all of our 18 branch locations for a $1.50 per bag. These durable bags are a handy and sustainable way to carry and keep track of all of your borrowed KDL items and more. All proceeds go to support the KDL Alliance of Friends. Buy yours today and remember to THINK GREEN!


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7 Responses to “Thinking Green @ KDL”

  1. Patricia Nielson Says:

    This will be a great gift idea, Thanks!

  2. Sheri Rop Says:

    Reuseable bags are a really good idea. I am wondering what they are made of, though, and where they are made? The bags offered in the grocery stores around here are made of polypropylene and manufactured in China. I hope that’s not true of these. Could we have something organic, sustainable, and locally made?

  3. Karen Kennedy Says:

    they will be great to use for books and what we get at the library, what i am wondering is if they are washable or not?

  4. admin Says:

    Technically, the tote bags are washable although it’s not recommended as it may wear on the imprint. Repeated washing may damage the material as well.

    So, if you must wash it once or twice, the bag should still be usable. I hope that helps.

  5. Steven Haskill Says:

    I’m also curious what the bags are made of and where they are manufactured.

  6. admin Says:

    The bags are made of polypropylene and manufactured in China. We realize that there are certainly more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, although in order to stay competitive with the pricepoint of similar bags found elsewhere, our options were somewhat limited. We feel that the biggest environmental gains will come from the reuse of one bag as opposed to the disposal of many. We are certainly conscious of our purchasing decisions and try to make every effort to do so responsibly although we also have to take into account our end goal — in this case, reducing the need for disposable bags.

    I hope the information helps.

  7. Amy Says:

    Would it ever be an option to maybe do some canvas bags in addition to these, maybe even as a fundraising possiblity? I certainly wouldn’t mind paying a little more for a bag that I’ll use for years.