Websites That Actually Save Time…No, Really!

Plenty of websites are interesting. It would be easy to blog about ten websites which are supremely entertaining and ten more which are useful. But what about saving time? We don’t usually associate the web with saving time, but below are three websites that can actually save time. Still skeptical? Keep reading… 


Let’s say your computer stopped working right now and you couldn’t get to any of the information you have saved on it. Is there anything you would miss? Chances are there is. We’ve all heard stories of people who lose their computers or have them stolen. It seems like even more people experience some sort of computer meltdown, after which they are left shaking their head and wondering what went wrong. An entire childhood of digital photographs or an entire undergraduate career of papers can disappear in a second if you, like me, happen to dump a 20 oz. Coke into your laptop.

That’s where comes in. It will automatically backup files off your computer to an online server and store them there should the unthinkable happen to your computer. If you do happen to treat your laptop as a drip tray, you can just log into Mozy and download your files to a new computer. Simple as that. This will save hours over trying to retrieve files after an incident or performing a manual backup onto CDs or an external hard drive.

While the first backup may take a few hours, the desktop software will recognize when you’re not using the computer and update your backup at that time. This keeps slowdowns to a minimum and insures that your backup is always up to date.

Best of all, you can back up 2GB worth of files for free or purchase unlimited backup service for only $4.95 per month.

An increasing number of people have more than one phone number. There’s a home number, a cell phone, and a work number. This can mean three voicemail boxes to check. It can also mean regretting giving out a cell phone number instead of a work phone number, or missing an important call because it went to one number and not the others., a recent aquisition by Google, solves all these problems. It assigns you one master number which can ring all your phones. It allows you to set up forwarding rules to screen your calls for each number, allows you to listen as someone is recording a voicemail, allows you to record your calls, block unwanted callers, and switch phones in the middle of a call.

In short, GrandCentral takes the headache out of having more than one phone number. GrandCentral is currently in beta testing but will open for public use soon.

We all forget things. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that could remind you about something you have to do tomorrow or next month? allows you to enter a text message and delay delivery. This means you can send yourself a text message tomorrow as a reminder to pick up milk or a text message next month to remember your anniversary. You don’t even have to create a user account to use the service; just enter the date of delivery, the phone number, and a short message. The uses are endless! You can even use this to send out free congratulations text messages for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and queue them months in advance.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which you can simplify your life and save time on the web. There are a lot more websites that save time and money.

Special thanks to Time magazine for the annual list of the Best Websites.

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