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Are you like me? I check lots of web sites daily, including various email accounts, Facebook, the weather, some blogs, webcams, and photo sites, and that’s just the beginning. When I found out that I could set up an iGoogle page and include all of these things on my home page, I knew I was on to something really big.  iGoogle allows you to add countless “gadgets” to your home page, and re-arrange them to your liking. You can also customize the theme (the look and color of your page), and you can change out that theme whenever you want to with some very cool graphics.  All you need to get started is a free Google account. Go to iGoogle’s start page and click on either Sign In (if you have a Google or Gmail account) or “Don’t have an iGoogle page? Get started” if you don’t have an account. Pretty soon you’ll be adding and subtracting gadgets, and even creating your own. To set your new iGoogle page as your home page, go to Tools > Internet Options > Use Current (from Internet Explorer), or Tools > Options > Use Current Page > OK (from Firefox).  Try it — you’ll be addicted in no time!  




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2 Responses to “Make Your Own Home Page”

  1. Toby Says:

    Wow – I can see why you like iGoogle.

  2. Josh Says:

    I am a huge fan of Igoogle. I have been using it for quite some time now an can not imagine life without it anymore. It makes it so much easier to keep up with all my favorite websites, blogs, newsfeeds, and anything else I want, and I love that I can have different tabs for different topics/areas of interest. I find using Igoogle way more convienent then using some sort of feed reader, such as google reader. All around this is a great, and very fun tool that everyone should try.