Summer Reading Club Ends Soon!

Summer Reading Club is almost over! Make sure you turn in your reading logs and entry forms by Saturday, August 6. We hope you had a great time traveling the world through books and programs this summer.

Please leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on this year’s Summer Reading Club.

Written by Katie


Katie is a Communications Assistant and helps spread the word about all the amazing things taking place at KDL. She loves her job so much that she returned to it following a four-year stint as a stay-at-home mom!

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4 Responses to “Summer Reading Club Ends Soon!”

  1. Lita Says:

    I loved having the summer reading club opened to adults this summer! I enjoy participating in the Let it Snow reading club over the winter, but always felt nostalgic and left out of the summer program. Thank you for making it something all ages can participate in.

  2. Ruth Says:

    I’m so glad the summer club was an all-inclusive family event! We have participated in the kid’s clubs for the last few years, but reading is a habit best learned by example and now I could participate right along with my little ones. They really appreciate that MOM gets to do a club, too!

  3. Naomi Says:

    Thank you so much for having a reading club for everyone in the family!

  4. Alyssa Says:

    how do we know if we won a gift certificate from the teen contest?