Never Forget a Website Again…

Ever been at a friend’s or work or the library and wanted to use that great new website you bookmarked (or favorited) on your computer at home?  You might be able to remember it… but why cram your brain with all those web addresses when you can use or instead!

Delicious and Magnolia are both social bookmarking services that have led me to some great websites on the invisible web that I may not have found so easily. Popular sites appear on both homepages for interesting browsing opportunities. Using tags (user-created words to help you identify site content), you can group your bookmarks into multiple categories of your choosing.  You can also browse sites that other users have tagged with that same word or phrase.

As with all social sites, you can share your bookmarks with others if you make that person a part of your network.  Or, instead, you might choose to share the web address of a collection of links related to a tag you created.  I’ve used this last method for a computer class I taught on creating your own holiday cards.  Here’s the link to see what I’m talking about…

If you like a little more privacy with your surfing habits, both delicious and magnolia have a private or do not share option.

Furthermore, you have the option of importing your already saved bookmarks and exporting your links.

Major differences between the two sites??…

Delicious has more active users and a larger base of tagged sites. Magnolia uses a star system to rate sites for relevance to your tag collection.  Magnolia also saves a snapshot of the website as it looked when you saved it, so if the site goes down or moves, you still have access to the original information.  Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, these snapshots are not available for sharing.

So, if you are looking for the best marketing tips to the most popular travel sites, and want to have access to your favorites from any internet connected computer…check out or today!

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