Emergency Closing

Due to severe weather conditions, the Kent District Library will be closed today, December 9. We will resume normal business hours as the weather permits. Fines on items due today will be waived.

 Thank you for your patronage and we hope to see you soon.

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10 Responses to “Emergency Closing”

  1. Laura Weld Says:

    I have not seen our closing on Channel 8 yet. Also, can we make the notice bigger on our home page? Good job for quick work…I hope from home!


  2. joanna bailey Says:

    Will you be waiving fines for materials due today?

  3. Diane C @KDL Says:

    Yes, we will waive fines. Please speak with a staff member to ensure fines are waived from your account.

  4. kay Says:

    I have books that I had to pick up today. Will they hold those until tomorrow for me?

  5. Linda Bravata SOS Says:

    I am suppose to be teaching a class at Caledonia Library tonight at 6:00. Are they open? How can I get a hold of them?



  6. Diane C @KDL Says:

    Kay: please call us or stop in first thing tomorrow morning. Some holds may expire at midnight tonight and we’ll have to handle those differently. 784-2007

    Michael: This closing is for all 18 branches of Kent District Library plus our Service Center.

  7. Vanessa Says:

    I’m disappointed that the entire library system is closed today. There hasn’t been severe weather in the Grand Rapids area today at all and the roads are fine. This has been a “nonevent” so far. I can see if we get a blizzard tomorrow. Will the art event that was to take place at the Caledonia branch be rescheduled?

  8. Martha Smart, KDL Director Says:

    As the KDL Library Director, I make a decision to close the library when, in my judgment, and after reviewing available data, severe weather conditions threaten to jeopardize the safety of our customers and staff. I know that unscheduled closings may inconvenience our users and this decision is not taken lightly. When the decision is made, a closing message goes out to the media and a notification is put on our website and phone message system. We also extend every effort to ensure our customers aren’t penalized with extra fines for the days we are closed. We certainly appreciate the feedback, as it lets us know we are an important part of the communities we serve and we plan to continue doing so to the best of our abilities.

    Thank you,

    Martha Smart
    Library Director

  9. Laurie Pettengill Says:

    To the attention of the Cascade Library: Hello Diane,
    Not sure if you’re open today or not.
    Whereas, on Wednesday, Dec 9th I arrived at about 4:35pm to turn in items and pick up my holds; but to my dismay the library was closed! No sign was posted and I did not see or hear about the closing through any media sources.
    Therefore, checking to see if the library is open or not today and if so till when?
    Also, wondered if I could have my holds placed in one of the “outside pick-up boxes” ??
    Diane, could you refresh me on the procedure of retrieving them ?
    Thanks so much!
    Praying for you and your awesome staff to have a healthy holiday season!
    Ms Laurie Pettengill
    616 635-2355
    Email: tutorlp@gmail.com

  10. Molly C. Says:

    I’d like to suggest when you have an unplanned closing, post a sign out by the street, and/or put BIG signs on the doors. Those 8×11 copy papers on the doors are not even noticable, much less readable, when pulling in. I stopped at the library shortly after noon, and so many people were parking, and walking to the entrance, only to find out the building was closed.