KDL Employee Creates “Green” Snowmen

Nanette Jasperse, a Collection Services employee at the KDL Service Center, is using her crafting skills to help the Kent District Library celebrate a green holiday season. Instead of throwing away the packing materials from the many shipments of books that KDL receives, Nanette recycled them into two impressive snowman that now hang out in the our lobby.

Nanette used papier-mâché to cover balls of recycled packing material, then used items around her home to bring the snowmen to life.

For more ideas on how to live “green,” check out KDL’s Living Green in West Michigan wiki.

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Written by Shannon

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2 Responses to “KDL Employee Creates “Green” Snowmen”

  1. Jen Wheaton Says:

    They are completely adorable!

    Kudos to Nanette for making our lobby a winter wonderland! 🙂

  2. Cindy Says:

    I love what she did! If you have packing material etc that you need to get rid of (foam peanuts, etc) I’ve heard that packing stores will accept them. Also, some of your patrons may be interested in using them to ship items, too!