Early Lit Bits: Learning with Crafts

Doing a simple craft with your child can enable you to open a conversation about starting school and help ease the transition. Try making a book that describes the school day routine. This could help with any fears that might arise and build excitement. 
To begin the book you can take pictures, use coloring pages, or draw pictures of different parts of the day, like eating breakfast, brushing teeth, getting in the car, arriving at school, etc. Next, take the different pictures and attach them to pieces of paper. Have your child help you put them in the correct order and then staple them into a book form. You can write words to describe the pictures if you prefer or let your child narrate the book themselves when they read it. Don’t forget to give your book a title and author! Now you have a book to read about your child’s day that can also build on narrative skills by encouraging reading and writing with your child.  

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Sheri is the Kent District Library ILS & Electronic Resources Coordinator. She loves KDL’s eBook collection and her NOOK because they allow her to fit a whole stack of books in her purse to take with her wherever she goes.

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