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It is hard to say how many people have come into the library since The Help became a movie asking for the book.  Some want to read the book before seeing the movie and some don’t want to wait to get the book.  But wouldn’t it be great if more people read the book before watching the movie?  That is what this new site Readit1st is all about.

Readit1st was created by Hank Green (brother of author John Green) to encourage more reading by taking a simple pledge: Read the Book before going to see the Movie when ever possible.  As a bonus, there is a newsletter to let people know about upcoming movies that were adapted from a book.

There also is a list maintained by a library called Based on the Book which lists the name of the book along with the movie title.  So check to see if a movie you have seen recently was adapted from a book!

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Written by Beth


Beth is a Librarian at the Gaines Township branch of KDL. She really loves reading, especially all the wonderful teen books, but also enjoys genealogy and crafts!

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