Save $500 a Month?

I recently found this online article, and while most of these seem like common sense, there are a few good tips. I’d especially like to draw attention to item #5, just in case it’s not something you’ve thought of lately. And, yes, you can request stuff online through our catalog.

Happy savings!

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5 Responses to “Save $500 a Month?”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I’ve started using the library again because I don’t have enough money for books anymore. I was surprised to see all of the other things the library has. FREE DVD’S!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I agree, I too have started to use the library for books, magazines, and yes, DVD’s. I must admit though, the title to this entry is a little misleading…are you suggesting that the average family can save $500 a month by renting DVD’s from the library instead of the store? That’s a lot of DVD’s….or, (and this is my hope), were there other cost-saving things you discovered that you had intended to share with all, but perhaps your message got truncated… (?)

  3. michael Says:

    The post is about an online article. Click on the link. Although I think it’s a stretch to suggest you can save $500 by following the tips.

  4. Ruth Wilson Says:

    Some great common sense suggestions in this time of belt-tightening. Thanks for the link!

  5. Andre' Says:

    Excellent Article!
    And the suggestions may not apply to everyone, but I saved a bunch from the suggestions for sure. I immediately take that extra and plug it into my IRA every month, so that I 1. Don’t get used to seeing the extra income and 2. Write it off on my taxes and 3. Save a little more for retirement. Every little bit helps!