Mac Users Enjoy New Photo Organization Options with iPhoto ’09

Apple has updated their iLife grouping which includes iPhoto.  I was interested in this upgrade because they added a few unique organization features.  The one I was most interested in trying out is a feature called Faces.  The program identifies faces in a picture and then after you have “named” a few pictures, the program will recommend other faces that match.  I used this feature on last year’s photos as well as some I had in iPhoto.  Although some of the possibilities made me laugh, I thought it did pretty well (with room for improvement).   iPhoto did attempt to identify the kids at different ages also.  It can be tedious approving all the correct ones but that is very simple also.  Overall I like this feature and think it will help with the organization of my photos.

Another feature of iPhoto is Places.  This will take the GPS setting from your camera and map out the location of your photos.  I don’t have GPS on my camera but I was able to easily mark a group of pictures with the location.  Not as useful to me but still a nice feature.

Apple also has made it easier to share photos online.  The links are at the bottom of the window and it is easy to log into your Facebook or Flickr account and upload a group of photos.  iPhoto will also share the names or places with the online program which eliminates the need to duplicate the work.  Overall, I am pleased with the new iPhoto and looking forward to organizing all my photos using the new tools.

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