Libraries Can Help You Get Well

The current issue of Woman’s Day magazine features an article about how libraries helped four women get well and feel better.

One woman used poetry from a library book to cope with her husband’s illness. Two used the library to research their own health issues, such as post-partum depression and thyroid disease. A fourth used library services to receive books on tape after diabetes left her legally blind.

Libraries are full of free resources from books to internet access to classes and much more!

How has the library helped you?

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One Response to “Libraries Can Help You Get Well”

  1. Marilyn Mayes Says:

    The library has helped me in providing books that keep me motivated and inspired to persevere. Being one of the thousands unemployed, reading books gives me the mini-vacations from the ongoing trudgery of rejection in looking for work. I read a diverse collection from travel to novel to mystery. It is the most rewarding time of my day.