KDL’s eBooks Unmatched by Amazon

There’s hubbub afloat on the web regarding Amazon’s new Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.  Exciting news for all those folks who’ve been paying top dollar for Kindle editions?  Maybe.  Despite claiming they offer “thousands of books to borrow for free,” Amazon remains “dot com.”  Don’t confuse the “Kindle Owners’ Lending Library” with the unparalleled access and selection of eBooks provided to Kent District Library cardholders for free.

KDL’s eBook Collection can be checked out and enjoyed on any eReader device, including apps for Apple or Android tablets.  KDL eBooks can even be read on a Kindle.  Cardholders can check out up to 10 eBooks at a time and may replenish their selection as fast as they can read with no monthly limit.   While KDL’s digital collection is limited to resident cardholders, the cost is $0

Amazon’s version of a library requires folks to first, buy a Kindle, and second, to subscribe to Amazon Prime at a cost of $79/year.  Customers who achieve this level of consumer commitment to Amazon.com are then entitled to borrow one eBook at a time, once a month.  Folks who enjoy the Kindle app for Apple or Android devices are not allowed to participate in this service.    

Amazon’s Kindle owners lending library is great for those Amazon Prime subscribers who already own a Kindle.  Savvy eBook folks are wise to select an eReader device they like and then enjoy the advantages of exceptional selection, flexibility, access and unmatched value of their public library’s digital collection, such as can be found at ebooks.kdl.org.

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Written by Heidi


Heidi Nagel is KDL’s Communications Manager. She is an equal opportunity librarian — loving both cats and dogs with equal fervor.

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One Response to “KDL’s eBooks Unmatched by Amazon”

  1. Sara Says:

    Love your selection of Kindle ebooks. Thanks for adding ebooks to your number of services!!!