Laughing In Tough Times

These days, any excuse to laugh is a good one. And even with its sometimes shady reputation, the internet is a prime place to find this humor. You can uncover everything from one-liners, to humorous essays and stories, to the decrepit knock-knock. Comic strips, YouTube videos, and even the occasional status update on Facebook are sources of comedy.


Unshelved comic used with permission.

Unlocking the comedic power of the Web can be dangerous, however, and not a little overwhelming. Fear not; I’m here to help. Here are just a few websites to get you started. Although I have taken care to choose quality, trustworthy sites, keep in mind that neither I nor KDL can take responsibility for all content contained therein.



I Can Has Cheezburger

Calvin and Hobbes

The Onion




Stupid Signs

Clean Jokes

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Written by Craig

I am a Circulation Assistant at the Lowell branch of Kent District Library. My job is to make a patron’s visit to the library circulation desk fun, easy, and informative. In other words, “circuliscious.”

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2 Responses to “Laughing In Tough Times”

  1. Kelaine Says:

    Thanks Craig! I’ve been in need of a laugh and FYI, you picked my all my favorite comics 😀

  2. Kelaine Says:

    actually, I just thought of another one (Pearls Before Swine) that I enjoy for its darker humor..the artist/writer was a lawyer in a former life..’nuf said…