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A few recent library story gems from KDL patrons:

* A 17-year-old Krause Memorial branch volunteer needed the community volunteer hours for college, but may have found a career: “I learned what it’s like to work with people who love what they are doing, plus how the library runs and how much work goes into keeping it exciting for the kids.”

* Speaking of potential careers: Christy Trudell, a patron at the Wyoming branch, loves libraries so much, “I have decided to become a librarian myself,” she wrote recently.  Christy is in her first year of the Master of Library Science program at Texas Woman’s Univeristy, “and so far I am loving every minute of it!”

* A mother who regularly attends Storytime with her daughter at the Gaines Township branch reported to staff that when her family went to a local restaurant to use their free coupons from Summer Reading Club, her daughter was asked by the cashier if she likes to read. In response, the young girl said, “Yes and we do Jack and Jill at Storytime,” then proceeded to do the entire Jack and Jill finger play for the smiling employee.

* A grandparent who attends Toddler Time with her grandson at the Grandville branch apologized to a staff member that her grandson didn’t pay more attention during the program. The staff member assured her that toddlers are often physically busy during a program, but are picking things up. That proved correct when the grandmother reported the following week that upon returning home from Toddler Time, her grandson raced into the backyard yelling “Pigs out! Pigs out!” just like the character in the read-aloud story. 

Our patrons do such a wonderful job telling us their stories. We love hearing about all the ways your library has impacted your lives — so as always, keep them coming!

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Written by Morgan J.

Morgan J.

Morgan J. is a KDL communications assistant. She spends summers as a “hood ornament” of sorts while her husband captains their old, cedar-sided pontoon down the Flat River. In the wintertime she counts the days until she’ll have her toes in the water again.

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