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npm_logo.jpgWith spring finally upon us (fingers crossed), and March drawing to an end, National Poetry Month is just around the corner.  Every year since 1996, April has been declared National Poetry Month, making it a prime time to read and reflect upon a great form of writing as well try your hand at some of your own. 

As such we would like to introduce Word Wise, KDL’s sixth annual poetry contest for teens.  Starting on April 1 you will be able to submit your poems online or at your local KDL branch.  By mid May winners will be annoucnced and will recive a $50 gift card to Schuler Books and Music.  The winning poems will also be made available on our website.  Check out the teen page for complete rules and an online entry form.  If you are looking for some inspiration, feel free to check out this list of KDL staff’s favorite teen poetry books, or stop into the library and ask for a recommendation.

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Written by Josh


Josh is Branch Manager at the Englehardt Branch. He loves spending his days recommending a great book to anyone who walks in the door.

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6 Responses to “Word Wise – Teen Poetry Contest”

  1. Derek Johnson Says:

    Merry Christmas Sweetheart

    Every year, mom made Santa pie
    But this year mom’s head was too sick
    But this year, instead I would die.
    But this year, no treats, but tricks

    As I do, I slept next to the tree
    Waiting for Santa to come
    I should haven’t been so blind with glee
    Waiting for Santa was so dumb

    Mom was sick, she needed pills
    Instead of toys, we had bills
    Instead of food, we were hungry
    Instead of love, they were angry

    But not me,

    Mom woke up early
    Check on me, surely
    She didn’t find her baby boy
    Instead she saw the Devil

    Down came the knife
    “I Love You, Dear”
    The words that almost ended my life
    I’ll never forget, what mom gave me that year

  2. Derek Johnson Says:

    “Baby Boy”

    That night,
    The baby was born
    But on that night
    The sky was so bright

    If I had seen
    I would have sworn
    By God’s command
    It was a miracle

    Baby boy
    Why don’t you play?
    Baby boy
    When will it be your day?

    Tear down the temple son,
    And you’re father will let you in
    Rebuild it when you’re done
    And let go of my sin

    Baby boy,
    Why did you make your mother cry?
    Baby boy,
    I never thought a king could die.

    Walk by, and carry my guilt
    Once I’m saved
    I’ll come to the house you built
    If I find the road you paved

    Father’s crashing fist of thunder
    Baby boy,
    Who put that crown of your head?
    Baby boy,
    Once your gone, I wonder
    Baby boy,
    Would you do it again?

  3. Tyler Castillo Says:

    As I Lay Here…

    As I Lay Here In My Cold Bed I Look Over To Say Good Morning To My Wife.
    But I Remember That She’s Gone Now Up Somewhere I Cant Get To…
    Outside My Window The Snow Falls Down Like Rain In Midsummer.
    I Get out Of My Bed And Sit On It’s Edge.
    I Grab The Photograph Of Me And My Wife And My Son On The Table Next to My Bed.
    Tears Run Down My Face Like A River Flowing Down A Mountain.
    Maybe One Day I Will See You Again my Dear…
    The Wolves Howl Outside My Window Now.
    I Walk Outside And Stand In The Snow.
    I See Memories Of The First Time We Met All Those Cold Cold Winters Ago…
    We Were So Young.
    Now I Am So Old…
    My Bones Creak With Every Step I Walk.

    I Lay Down In The Snow And Let it Bury Me For A While
    The Tears Freezing On My Face.
    I No Longer have The Strength To Get Up…
    Hello My Dear; My Bride Its Been So Long… Since I Saw Your Face….

  4. Celena Cho Says:

    A Favorite Place to Be

    A place with majestic rulers
    A place with beautiful skies
    One cannot escape its beauty
    when one cannot plan its demise
    With rulers reigning for over fifty years
    They cannot choose their own special dears
    They marry to strengthen the bloodline
    They marry not out of love
    One must kill the other for there cannot be two doves
    The skies are blue
    The palace red
    With guards to keep them safe
    Their people love them
    Their enemies hate them
    And other counties demand their heads
    The Queen’s intelligent the King’s are fools
    For everyone knows that London, England
    Is where I wish to go

  5. Jen Says:

    Who are the winners? May 15th was yesterday.

  6. Josh Says:

    Sorry Jen, but the winners are now up on the Teen Page.