KDL Celebrates National Adoption Month

***** Thank you to everyone who left a comment on this post. Congratulations to Chantelle from Grandville who won the book!


“Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone,

but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute,

you didn’t grow under my heart, but in it.”

— Unknown

November is National Adoption Month.  It is time to celebrate and learn about all aspects of adoption.  KDL has a fine collection of books and related materials geared towards this topic. Please check out our guide to Adoption Resources and stop by your library branch to see what materials are available to you!

To help us commemorate this special month, Grand Rapids-based book publisher Zondervan has kindly donated a copy of Before You Were Mine: Discovering Your Adopted Child’s Lifestory by Susan TeBos and Carissa Woodwyk.

 We are offering this book to an individual who leaves a comment on this blog post. 

The recipient will be randomly drawn at the end of November.

Check out these additional adoption resources:

National Adoption Month – Adoption.com

National Adoption Awareness Month


***** Thank you to everyone who left a comment on this post. Congratulations to Chantelle from Grandville who won the book!

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7 Responses to “KDL Celebrates National Adoption Month”

  1. Erica Chamberlin Says:

    The idea of adoption always warms my heart. I certainly want to learn more.

  2. Chantelle Says:

    This is a wonderful book! I just completed one of two lifebooks for our adopted children, using this book.

  3. Jessica Says:

    Thank you for celebrating National Adoption Month!!! This book looks very interesting and would be a great addition to the library of any adoptive family.

  4. Lisa Montgomery Says:

    Adoption is an awesome experience. I have one biological daughter and one who was adopted. I love them both the same. Adoption is just a different way for God to bring your child into your family.

  5. Melissa Miller Says:

    My husband and I started an adoption fund this past summer. Even though we’ve only been married 2 years and are in our mid-twenties, we know in our hearts that we want to adopt a child. We try to add to this adoption fund and know that the money is set-aside for our future child!

  6. Shelley Rottman Says:

    Adoption has been on my heart and it is a beautiful thing to be celebrated.

  7. Debbie H Says:

    I saw my first Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) book at the library, and since then have been waiting for the right time to adopt a child from the foster care system. I have also been reading up on foster care adoption from books I have found on KDL’s shelves. I’m thankful for all the resources that my library provides about adoption.