New Catalog Features

We’re pleased to announce two new features that have been added to KDL’s online catalog:

Forget Your PIN?
Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a unique four-digit code needed to access your online library account information. The PIN you are originally assigned is the last four digits of your telephone number; however, you can update your PIN at any time through your online account. If you cannot recall your PIN, you can now use the new Forget Your PIN? feature to choose a new one. Clicking this button will generate an email containing a secure link to an online form where you can select a new PIN of your choice.

Email Search Alerts:
Do you have a favorite author and want to know when KDL has received any of their new titles? You can now set up Preferred Searches and receive emails whenever we’ve added items to the catalog that meet your search criteria. To do this:

  1. Log in to your online library account.
  2. Search the library catalog using the search box at the top of the account screen:


  3. On the results screen, click the Save as Preferred Search button. (You will only see this button if you have already logged in to your account.) You can save up to 25 different searches.
  4. Now go back to your account and click on the Preferred Searches button on the right side of the screen. Click in the Mark for Email column next to your search(es), then click Update List.
  5. You will now receive a weekly email whenever a new item meeting your search criteria has been added to the catalog. (no materials — no email.) The message will contain a link to the catalog page so you can easily log in and place the item on hold.

Search alert emails are only generated when an item arrives at the library, not when it is ordered. So make sure to also check our monthly list of Future Book Releases and Future DVD Releases to see not-yet-released titles that have been ordered and are therefore available for holds.

Please note that the Forget Your PIN and the Email Search Alerts features are only available to those who have signed up for our email notification service. This is just one of the great benefits of this email service — you also receive notifications when your holds have arrived and reminders of approaching due dates. So sign up today to take advantage of all these great features!

Written by Sheri


Sheri is the Kent District Library ILS & Electronic Resources Coordinator. She loves KDL’s eBook collection and her NOOK because they allow her to fit a whole stack of books in her purse to take with her wherever she goes.

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2 Responses to “New Catalog Features”

  1. Harry Booth Says:

    What is procedure for replacing lost Kdl Library Card?

  2. Sheri Says:

    Hi Harry,

    You can fill out our Lost Card form at to report a lost or stolen KDL library card. We will then deactivate your card so someone else can’t use it to check out items under your name. Then the next time you’re at your local KDL branch, just ask a staff member for a registration form for a new card.

    KDL Webmaster