KDL ranks high in peer comparison

Every year libraries across the country are asked to submit their annual statistical data. This year, the data published in the Public Library Data Service Statistical Report 2007 brings us to some exciting conclusions.
In a peer group of 27 libraries nationwide, Kent District Library ranks high-to-very high in areas that measure superior performance, such as reference transactions, library card registrations, visits, and circulation per capita. Our high rank in the area of material expenditures per capita demonstrates continuing investment in one of our most important resourcesĀ — the KDL collection!

KDL also ranked in the mid-range for area growth and economic stability, including population, operating income and operating expenditures.

The KDL family has a real feeling of pride when we review these statistics and see what our staff is able to accomplish. And for the future, while no one has a crystal ball, our 2007 KDL Business Plan positions KDL to move up in the rankings next year with short term goals and action plans. Moving forward through planning and dedication — that summarizes KDL and its upcoming initiatives!

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One Response to “KDL ranks high in peer comparison”

  1. Cliff Says:

    This is not a surprise. When I moved back to Michigan after several years of growing in the NYC metropolitan area I was pleasantly surprised to find the KDL system integrated alongside the Grand Rapids Public Library system. But increasingly over the past decade, my family and I have realized that the system is indispensible! So much so, that any consideration of any move to another area always includes the question “But can we find a system like KDL?” or “But can we do without it?” We are very grateful and wish all areas could benefit from similar library systems.