Enter to Win a Playaway Audiobook!

Get Caught Listening! 

June is National Audiobook Month sponsored by the Association of American Publishers, and you could win a free Playaway audiobook (The 39 Clues, Book One of The Maze of Bones series by Rick Riordan) from the Kent District Library. Simply fill out this short survey to tell us about your favorite audiobook or one you’d like to listen to!

Audiobooks are a convenient way to listen to your favorite books on the go, and KDL has a wide variety for all ages. We also offer many different audiobook formats such as CDs, downloadables for your MP3 player or iPod, and of course the Playaway listening devices.

So start exploring our audiobook titles and Get Caught Listening!

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48 Responses to “Enter to Win a Playaway Audiobook!”

  1. Dawn Smith Says:

    I have never used anything electronic to listen to books (except a couple of book on tapes back in the day) and would love the opportunity to do so! It seems like an easier way to get my “want to read booklist” done.

  2. Jodi Fox Says:

    I love audio books. I listen every night to go to sleep, and just start the next day where I last remember hearing it leave off. I have listened to hundreds of books, they are also great for when my mother and I travel 17 hrs to Texas, since she is also big into audiobooks.

  3. Paula VanMaldegen Says:

    I started listening to audio books after going to the library for my Grandma. She has macular degeneration but still enjoys listening to books. I go weekly to pick out books for her. She “reads” about five books per week. She told me about Memoirs of a Geisha. I listened to it and it was very nice. Before my Grandma goes on road trips, it’s a MUST to go the the book store and pick out a few mysteries for the road. She wouldn’t be without one of her books. She is 90 years old and still enjoys a good mystery!

  4. Jane Koski Says:

    I loved the book “Help”. It was a such a wonderful book to listen to I didn’t want it to end. Hope KDL gets more playaway offerings as these are great for travel.

  5. Meredith Soddy Says:

    My favorite audiobook is The Green Mile by Stephen King, read by Frank Muller. I would listen to Frank Muller read the dictionary! He is THAT good. Audiobooks are a huge part of my life. Without them I would not clean the house, do yard work, exercise or drive anywhere. I do not have time to sit and read a book but I can get SO much done when I am entertained while I work! I have the entire Harry Potter series and am looking for new authors.

  6. kristy Says:

    my fav so far is hoot.

  7. pam ward Says:

    i love the in death series
    they are awsome i never get tired of them

  8. pam ward Says:

    i love to read the jd robb series

  9. Dean Cutler Says:

    My favorite audiobook is Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein.

  10. Shelley Holland Says:

    Two of my favorites are: The Kite Runner and Water for Elaphants. Listening to books on CD make my half hour ride to and from work fly by.

  11. Pam Smith Says:

    I love listening to audio books. Many readers are awesome. That voice becomes the character(s). My last Playaway book was one of the Shopaholic series by by Sophie Kinsella. They are a hoot. The Playaway is so small and lightweight, it fits in a pocket and doesn’t get in the way. Stop and play are very simple and there is very little fast forwarding or rewinding. CDs and/or tapes are great for the car, but this little device is wonderful for dragging around. I hope to “read” more books on the Playaway device.

  12. andi allen Says:

    I thought I was picking up a set of tapes and it was my first Playaway experience! It was great…I could easily take my book on my walk and in my car….and even in my purse. Loved it!

  13. Hannah Boylen Says:

    I love to listen to audio books while walking in the neighborhood or on the treadmill. It gives me something interesting to do as I exercise. Reading is one of my favorite pasttimes, but my eyes really enjoy the break while I continue to endulge.

  14. Hannah Boylen Says:

    I started listening to audio books years ago on my Walkman while I walked my dog, Bandit. Since retirement my husband and I drive back and forth between Grandville and Clearwater, Florida and the audio books are just the thing to relieve the tedious drive. We have enjoyed several books by Carl Hiaasen: Skinny Dip, Tourist Season, Stormy Weather, and Strip Tease. The settings are all in Florida which makes them even more hilarious. For a change of pace we’ve also enjoyed James Patterson’s, Judge & Jury, and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels. They make the miles fly by and even make me almost look forward to driving again the next day.

  15. patricia smith Says:

    We like to listen to the audio books when on the road for work and travel.Our kids listen to books also when they are in the vehicle also.They love it.

  16. Elizabeth Sabine Says:

    I absolutely love the audio books. For a while i was spending a large amount of time driving from one place to the next and they were definitely an escape from the same every time i went somewhere. Most recently i have been enjoying any of the Janet Evanovich audio books, but i also like Jennifer Crusie, Lee Child, and many more.

  17. Carole Christensen Says:

    My favorite audio book is The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans. I love everything about Richard Paul Evans books. The audio book is narrated by Richard Thomas….Perfect narrator for a wonderful book.

  18. Dianne Madejczyk Says:

    Audio books have been a favorite for years. I use the library for all my audio tapes, and CD’s. I use audio books for walking and exercise (makes the time go much faster). I have a Fuze and am fighting with it to do downloads so at this point still use a tape player or my CD player. But
    audio books rock!!

  19. Kenny Says:

    Well, my favorite audiobook is Animal Farm. I really enjoyed the book and also enjoyed listening to the narrator.

  20. Yolanda Says:

    My favorite audiobook is The Secret, I had read the book previously but listening to it made it come alive for me.

  21. Diana Says:

    I listen to Playaways while walking dogs at a local dog rescue. It is relaxing for me and very calming for the dogs.

  22. Mary Daniel Says:

    I picked up “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle” on Playaway entirely by accident and was delighted with the experience. There was no way I could work through a 550 page book in 3 weeks without this little device. What a wonderful way to be entertained while driving to and from work, while grocery shopping, walking the dog, gardening – you name it. I am hooked!

  23. Cathy Says:

    The Book Thief by Mark Zusak read by Allan Corduner is very moving. The reader adds to the mood, the feel of the period and the story.

  24. Brett W. Says:

    The Green Mile by Stephen King, read by Frank Muller, is the finest audio book I’ve listened to in my 15 years of enjoying the medium. Audiobooks have greatly expanded my access to books, lectures and dramatizations. If you have not tried one pick one out that looks interesting to you and go for a drive or a walk. You too will quickly get the audio bug!

  25. Mary Scott RPh,CGP Says:

    The best audiobook I’ve listened to recently was “The Kite Runner”. The author was the narrator and it was a bit hard to listen to at first since he had an accent, but it was such a great story. I usually check out 2 or 3 audiobooks at a time since I do quite a lot of driving for my job. It is not for everyone,though. My husband cannot listen and drive at the same time!

  26. Amanda Black Says:

    My favorite audiobook was penned and performed by John Hodgman. “The Areas of My Expertise” went from a flat, boring book of (fake) facts, with a funny, interesting, and utterly charming audiobook. And with songs from the troubadour Jonathan Coulton, this is comedy gold.

  27. Linda Knoblauch Says:

    I find doing boring things like weeding the garden and cleaning the house as well as driving with a audiobook makes the job easier. I have been enjoying audiobooks for years I have listened to over 1800 books

  28. anita bartholomew Says:

    I just like to read and listen to books

  29. LuAnne Mueller Says:

    I love Playaway audio books! I have been listening to audio books on tape and cd’s for years and now really enjoy the go anywhere, while doing anything flexibility of Playaway. Listening to audio books has helped me get through so many, many hours of otherwise mundane labors. One of my favorite audio books is The Secret Life of Bees. I couldn’t take my ears off it!

  30. MINESH Says:


  31. Claudene Kooistra Says:

    I enjoy books on tape. I listen to them while I drive, makes the time go faster and keeps you more alert when traveling. Sometimes the music makes
    you sleepy while driving. Great way to multi task

  32. Ginger Says:

    I love audio books. Recently I finished “Little Earthquakes” by Weiner. The audiobook was excellent. I thought the reader really added to the story. She sang and had a lovely voice. I listen while I drive for work and sometimes it is hard to leave the car! :)

  33. Ann Says:

    I have been listening to audio books for many years. My positive experiences mirror many of those in the preceding comments. Thank you library for this wonderful service.

  34. jessi Says:

    I’ve been listening to audiobooks for years on my way to work and while traveling, at home while working on my computer. Love the new playaway, listened to Three Cups of Tea, loved it.

  35. Joseph Says:

    I LOVE playway I just finished The Giver. I listend to it every day outside with my eyes closed. I really thought I was there. So I REALLY HOPE I WIN. I loved it

  36. karen staal Says:

    I love audio books but i have never used a playaway I’d love to win one.

  37. BJ Says:

    I love using audio books to “read” with my kids without wearing out my voice. On a recent out of state trip we listened to _Little House in the Big Woods_. One of my boys also started _The Hobbit_ on that trip. Playaways are simply easier than CDs because of the size!

  38. Michele Says:

    I listen to books during my daily walk which really makes me look forward to my walk instead of dreading it.

  39. Lari Dumire Says:

    I love to sew, but after working out the design and cutting bits, I get very antsy if there is nothing else to do but run the machine. So I listen to audio books. I must have done thousands over the last ten years or so. My all time favorite is Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett. Much, much better in listening form than just reading it. All of his other stuff is great too. We always take audio books in the car on long trips, and everybody survives better. Haven’t tried the Playaways, yet. That’s the next adventure.

  40. Adele Roblin Says:

    Only on a KDL blog would I be able to make a ‘must read’ or rather ‘must listen to’ library list! What a lot of great suggestions. I hope to leave the blog and start searching straight away! Thank you everyone for taking the time for sharing. I’m looking forward to using the playaway.
    What a long way we’ve come since the days I would borrow the 8mm reel to reels from the library!

  41. Sasha Hettich Says:

    I am constantly listening to at least one or two audiobooks at a time. I love the resource netlibrary.com, where I can listen to them on my computer. I listen to one in my cassette player while I am driving to and from work, doing errands, etc. I don’t know what I would do without audiobooks..they are a nice break from reading all the time! Plus, another person reading the book aloud gives me a different perspective of the book that I may not have by simply reading it.

  42. Elisabeth Tarchala Says:

    I have only listened to the Bible on CD myself. But my husband’s job changed recently and he is now driving a truck from 3 p.m.-3 a.m. We have had several discussions about getting him audio books to listen to while driving. We even went to a bookstore and looked at a few but couldn’t validate the cost. I don’t know why I never thought of the library. I will definitely be showing my husband this link and encouraging him to search for some great audio books. Thanks KDL for promoting them and providing a service to get them.

  43. Billie Stout Says:

    I have only listened to one PlayAway so far.
    Though I have been telling everyone how wonderful
    I think they are. So easy to carry with you while
    you do numerous chores. Operation is simple as well.
    Love them & look forward to reading more.
    Thank you KDL for making reading & listening such
    a pleasant experience..

  44. Dianne Madejczyk Says:

    I just did a 40 hour train trip to the state of Washington and used PlayAways. They were great !!! I could cross-stitch and listen at the same time. So much easier than a CD/tape audiobook and faster than a download. Hope KDL gets many more.

  45. Greg Bueckman Says:

    The Pendragon series is very good. PlayAways are great while running, as long as you have good earbuds.

  46. Paul A. Milanowski Says:

    I love being read to. I grew up on radio’s Let’s Pretend, and all the great radio comedy, adventure and mystery shows before television. Both at home and at school I was also read to. I enjoy reading books. I love audiobooks, especially all of James Lee Burke’s murder mysteries, especially his latest – Swan Peaks.

  47. Tonya Blake Says:

    I just listened to Undead and Unwed on a Playaway and found myself laughing outloud at work. I love how it made my day go by so fast. I look forward to listening to Nora Roberts and Nicholas Sparks at work and at home.

  48. Marcia Lubbers Says:

    I love to listen to audio books while I walk. It makes the walk more fun and not seem so much like exercise. I like Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, Tracie Peterson, Terri Blackstock, just to name a few. I also have audio books on CD in my car all the time.