Consumer Reports Database Helps You Shop Smart

The Kent District Library offers you access to several useful online databases.

Use the Consumer Reports database (in the Magazines category) to browse or search this trusted source for product reviews and expert ratings and recommendations. Find past issues of the publication and get the information you need to be a smart consumer.

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Written by Shannon

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6 Responses to “Consumer Reports Database Helps You Shop Smart”

  1. Elizabeth S. Says:

    I had NO idea this was available through KDL!!! Just another example of the good that KDL is doing for the community!!! This subscription costs a lot of $$ and cannot afford it, but whenever I want to look up information that is reliable, I couldn’t–until now 🙂

    thank you!!

  2. Linda B. Says:

    This is fantastic!!! Couldn’t justify the subscription price for the little I buy, but when I really need something, I do go the the library to look it up when I have the time – now I can do it right away, on-line.

    You’re a good thing.

    Thank you, KDL

  3. Tonya Says:

    This is great. I’ve been paying for an online subscription to Consumer Reports for years and it’s been worth it. Recently, however, they have separated their health-product reviews into a separate subscription, which has been very disappointing. Thank you!

  4. Jacqueline Eaton Says:

    Thank you for this service. I work full time and when I moved back here I got my library card and have not used it till now online. This is wonderful. Thanks for all you hard work and wonderful website.

  5. Pat Moore Says:

    A nice surprise to find this available…thanka you

  6. Dennis Nielsen Says:

    I love using Consumer Reports. I am so thankful this database is available to us!