Mac Geek Monday – Where’s the Right Click?

If you are a savvy computer user, you know that the right click of the mouse button opens up a wealth of shortcuts to common commands or tasks.  My personal favorite lately is “Move to Trash” as I am trying to clean out my nearly full hard drive space.  But I digress…

Mac Touchpad

One of the first things people notice about a Mac mouse or laptop touchpad is the use of only one button.  “Where’s the right click?” is the most common question people who borrow my MacBook Pro ask. So, here’s my answer for all of you.

There are several ways to access the right click function (as usual there’s more than one way to do most everything on a computer).

  • Hold two fingers on the touchpad, and click the button.


  • Press and hold ctrl + click the pad button.


  • If you have Leopard, you can do the two finger tap on the touchpad.

Are there any other Mac mouse/touchpad tricks YOU couldn’t live without??

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Written by Kelaine


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