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One aspect of our brand new Guys Read site is a section called Guys Recommend, where guys can log in to rate books and, if they want, write their own reviews. Not only that, but you can also search through all the ratings and reviews to find the perfect book for your next read. 

This is your opportunity to be heard. Have you read a great book lately? If so, tell us about it. Was the last book you read truly dreadful?  Log in and rate it accordingly. You can even comment on other reviews if you want to add in your own two cents.

The more people rate and review, the more helpful the site becomes. So, head on over to Guys Recommend, rate some books and help us make this tool a fantastic resource.

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Written by Josh


Josh is Branch Manager at the Englehardt Branch. He loves spending his days recommending a great book to anyone who walks in the door.

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