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For those of us with the iPhone or iPod Touch, the cost of applications can quickly add up. There are a variety of applications to try. Some are useful, some aren’t, and I always seem to want to try them all. A free way to, potentially, get a few apps is the website appgiveaway.com. This website is essentially a commericial for iPhone apps. It allows users to read about apps and, if they like them, enter to win. No purchase is necessary and the site is very straightforward.

A great site for learning about iPhone applications can be found here. This page, part of Webdesigner Depot, lists 40 of the most useful and fun iPhone applications. One of the biggest surprises for me was an application I’d never heard of before – the Classics application which offers a variety of classics books to read on the iPhone.

There is also a good deal of news about new iPhone/iPod apps as of late. At its annual conference Apple announced a new model of the iPhone, as well as a new operating system. This OS, iPhone 3.0, offers a variety of new features including the much desired landscape keyboard, multimedia messaging, and the ability to search your iPod contacts, mail, library, etc. Click here for more information courtesy of CNET.com.

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