Policy Update: MeLCat AV Materials

Please note this policy update affecting audiovisual materials.

MeL logoStarting July 1, 2009, Kent District Library customers will no longer be able to request audiovisual material through MeLCat, the state shared catalog. Common audiovisual materials include DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs and audiobooks.

However, customers will still be able to request these materials using the standard LakeNet (KDL) and Evergreen (GRPL) catalogs.

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3 Responses to “Policy Update: MeLCat AV Materials”

  1. Cheryl Staal Says:

    I think this is a shame. It would be nice to give a reason for this so it didn’t seem like such an arbitrary decision. Thank you.

  2. Jeff@KDL Says:

    This new policy was created by MEL at the request of the libraries that do loan audio-visual materials. Those libraries discovered that many libraries were quite willing to borrow audio-visual materials, but few were willing to lend them. The new policy states that if a library does not loan its audio-visual materials, it may not borrow them from other libraries. KDL has decided to not loan audio-visual materials in order to keep them available to our local patrons, and to avoid damage to the materials when being transported across the state. Therefore, we will no longer be able to borrow these materials as well.

  3. Cheryl Staal Says:

    Although MEL’s position and the other loaning libraries’ positions seem to be logical, KDL’s decision still seems very arbitrary to me, but perhaps I am not understanding. If KDL is doesn’t choose to “keep books for its own patrons”, why would it choose to “keep audiovisuals for its patrons?” And how much more “damage” could an audiovisual incur when being transported 30 miles as opposed to say 100 miles? (What goes on it those vans anyway?) If you were to say from KDL’s standpoint it’s “justthat much more work for library staff”, “it affects the bottom line somehow” or something else logical, I would get it. I’m sure there is probably an understandable reason, but the reason you give doesn’t quite ring true to me. Having said this, I really, really do appreciate KDL’s willingness to share their books outside the system so its patrons can avail themselves of MEL books. Hopefully we’ll be able to do so again with A/Vs somewhere down the road. Thank you for time and trouble.