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A few years back, in the interest of trying to save time while working on computer projects, I began to take a serious look at time-saving keyboard shortcuts. These two or three keystroke combinations managed to greatly reduce the time I spent mousing up to the menu and icon bars, and right clicking for shortcut menus.


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To utilize keyboard shortcuts, you need to press and hold down the first key on the keyboard, then press down the second (or third) key. You release the keys at the same time. For instance, to save an open Mac document, you would:

  1. Hold down the Command key (the one with the Apple on it)
  2. Press S
  3. Release both keys

Because I spend quite a bit of time using both Windows and Mac platforms, one of the first things I noticed is most shortcuts are the same for both PC and Mac users; except instead of using the Control key (Windows platform), Mac uses the Command key (the one with the Apple on it).  For example, Control-S for saving an open document becomes Command-S.  [BTW: I don’t mean to leave out Linux users in this article, but I don’t have any experience with that platform.]

There are so many time-saving Mac keyboard shortcuts and the best site I found that condenses them into a user-friendly format comes from our friends down under at CNET Australia who put together “The ultimate guide to Mac keyboard shortcuts.” Check it out and discover the joy of giving your mouse a little less exercise.

Edit 6/29/09 – Just found this useful list of shortcuts for use in Firefox web browser. Remember the CMD 0r COMMAND key looks like this:


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