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34 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Create (2013)”

  1. Rita, KDL Staff Says:

    Join us at the Wyoming Branch this Thursday at 6:30PM for our Down to Earth Family Gardening Program!

  2. JY, KDL Staff Says:

    What do you want to create this summer? How about a lunch bag? Or a chef’s hat? Maybe a pompom garland? Check out this link for ideas and tutorials! http://whipup.net/category/whipup-tutorials/

  3. virginia Says:

    I am going to create an artful journal with ideas from “Artful Journals”by Janet Takahashi. In this journal I plan on journaling about the adventures my grandson and I have this summer.

  4. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    That sounds like a wonderful idea Virginia! If you like Art Journals, check out http://www.sketchbookproject.com/about to find out more about a traveling van plus online viewing of art journals from around the U.S. and Canada!

  5. Mindy H Says:

    We made our way down to the Festival of the Arts in Downtown GR in early June. During our visit, we got to enjoy the Grand Rapids Art Museum exhibits and create some art of our own while there. Our favorite part was viewing the festival’s Youth Exhibit (art from kids K through 12) as our youngest son was one of the featured artists! We love getting creative and enjoy the extra time in the summer for it!

  6. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    That is great Mindy! I am sure your kids had a great time and everyone was very proud of your son’s artistic skills!

  7. logan Says:

    my aunt took me to Fredrick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. I enjoyed walking the trails and the walk around the pond outside. I enjoyed my visit.

  8. JY, KDL staff Says:

    Hi Logan – did you know that the library has a book called “Leonardo’s Horse” by Jean Fritz about the original horse sculpture? You might like it!

  9. Peggy Says:

    I helped my 3 year old son make a birdfeeder out of a juice bottle and sticks. He loves watching the birds.

  10. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    Great idea Peggy! The former familyfun site has same other great recycled crafts if anyone is interested: http://spoonful.com/create/recyclable-crafts-gallery#carousel-id=photo-carousel&carousel-item=8

  11. Anne Marie Says:

    Frederick Meijer Gardens-Concerts

  12. Viola Weber Says:

    I attended a Meijer Garden class and I made recycled art projects.

  13. joe Says:

    I visited the Grand Rapids Art Museum.Many different unique art exhibits.

  14. JY, KDL Staff Says:

    Here’s a tip – the Grand Rapids Art Museum has Meijer Free Tuesdays, when the museum is free all day!

  15. Loreen Says:

    I took my son the the gardens. It was very fun. Lots of interactive areas. We enjoyed our time there spent 4 hours.

  16. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    Everyone sounds like they are enjoying their summer! Keep up the great postings and check at your local library for some great create programs!

  17. Jennifer Gruenberg Says:

    We tried our hand at some crafts from a boredom book we own. I find the kids are much craftier than i am.

  18. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    The library has lots of craft books and programs this summer so bring your kids in for some crafting fun 🙂

  19. Jera Says:

    My kids really enjoyed the Pyramid program at KDL. Thank you for such fun learning experiences this summer!

  20. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    So glad you were able to attend the Pyramid program! There are still lots of programs before the end of summer reading 🙂

  21. JY, KDL Staff Says:

    Visit the Grandville branch on Tuesday, July 16 at 10:30am for Art Attack – try out crayon resist watercolor, printmaking, clay creation, yarn painting and texture painting! Prepare to get messy!

  22. Caitlyn Says:

    I made a necklace for my BFF’s birthday and wrote Japanese kanji for eternal and friend on it.

  23. Wendy M Says:

    We attended the Down in the Dirt Nature Craft night at the Wyoming branch.

  24. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    Wow Caitlyn – that sounds like a really great birthday gift! And I am sure the Wyoming branch had a great program for your kids Wendy! Keep letting us know what you are doing this summer to CREATE some fun 🙂

  25. Keyrsten Clark Says:

    We made rockets out of a two litter bottle.

  26. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    I’ve been reading about rocket projects lately, so I’m glad you tried two-liter bottle rockets. That is a creative way to complete the Create category!

  27. Amy Says:

    Just last week we attended the Marble Magnets at the Wyoming Branch. I love the idea and may have to use it for Girl Scouts!

  28. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    I’m glad you were able to have fun at the Marble Magnet program. It really is a fun craft and it is pretty easy too!

  29. Morgan L. Says:

    I went to Down in the Dirt Nature Crafts! I did every craft. I also love to dig and look for neat things like cool bugs in my backyard and everywhere I go!

  30. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    Sounds like you really enjoy the outdoors Morgan! Glad you were able to come out for the craft program.

  31. Fiona Moord Says:

    Me and my friends attended a program with Dr. Dirt and created a painting made out of dirt. It was fun because we got to make the paint out of large chunks of dirt and clay and put it on the paper. Mine has stripes and several different colors. I got to work with other people who were fun to talk to!

  32. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    Wow Fiona – Sounds like that was tons of FUN!

  33. Lorelei L. Says:

    I attended Down in the Dirt Nature Crafts. I enjoyed making bug prints and putting a stamp of a bird on a piece of wood. I also liked making worm pictures with a piece of yarn dipped in paint. I also spelled out my name with beans. I still have my crafts!

  34. Beth - KDL Staff Says:

    There were a lot of great crafts at that program so I am glad you enjoyed making them!

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