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29 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Engage Culture (2013)”

  1. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    One of our staff members is heading back home to Ecuador for a visit. In honor of him, I’m posting his favorite Ecuadorean recipe (which I gathered from our CultureGrams database). This recipe is made with fish, but our staff member recommends trying it with shrimp. Anyone want to give it a try?

    Ceviche: Seafood marinated in citrus juice

    Note:In Ecuador, ceviche is served with potato chips, popcorn, or sweet potatoes. Ecuadoreans usually combine 3 citrus juices plus vinegar in their ceviche.

    Ingredients:2 pounds whitefish
    Juice of 6 limes
    Juice of 3 lemons
    Juice of 3 sour oranges
    4 teaspoons salt
    3/4 teaspoon black pepper
    1/4 cup vinegar
    2 medium onions, sliced very thin
    2 or 3 red or yellow hot peppers, slivered
    Boiling water

    Directions: 1.Cut fish into bite-size pieces, and place in a bowl. Pour juices over it. Add salt, pepper, and vinegar. Let refrigerate about 6 hours.
    2.Pour boiling water over the onions, and drain. Add to the fish. Add slivered hot peppers and let refrigerate overnight.

  2. virginia Says:

    What a great weekend it was down at the Grand Rapids Art Festival! There were so many different ethnic food booths. My family enjoyed the Italian sausage and meatball subs at the Italian booth.

  3. John and Peggy Says:

    Today we tried sushi for the first time. It was disgusting!

  4. Caleb Says:

    I ate enchiladas for the first time with my grandma on Saturday. They were delicious! I can’t wait to have them again!

  5. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    The food at Grand Rapids Art Festival is always a highlight! So glad you all are trying new foods…even if they don’t become new favorites. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  6. Lisa and Lily Says:

    Lily attended Heritage Camp this week and while attending, tried food from various countries.

  7. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    What a fun part of camp! Did you discover a new favorite food?

  8. logan Says:

    I ate a taco for the first time with my dad. I did not like it! I like my chicken nuggets best!!

  9. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Logan,

    I surprised you did not like your taco, since they are about my favorite food of all time! Luckily, there are so many good foods from so many cultures that I’m sure you will find a new favorite in no time.

    Enjoy your chicken nuggets!

  10. Anne Marie Says:

    Abuelos in AZ tried for my very first time Chile Con Queso. Enjoyed this very much!

  11. Viola Weber Says:

    I attended Heritage camp 2013- China camp. I love it and attend each year. It is a great way to learn about various cultures.

  12. joe Says:

    I tried sushi for the first time. I love it!

  13. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    We’ve had two Heritage camp attendees comment this year! It sounds like a wonderful time!

    It also sounds like people are trying many new things to eat. It’s always fun to discover new favorites. Is anyone trying a new recipe for the 4th of July holiday?

  14. Mindy H Says:

    We’ve been lucky enough to make a couple of friends from Japan within the past year and have received some special postcards from them. We have also tried chocolate from Sweden this summer and checked out some of their other foods too.

  15. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    One of our staff members recently traveled to Japan. She brought back some great stories of wonderful adventures (and candy!). I would love to make that trip myself.

  16. Caitlyn Says:

    I went to an Japanese cultural festival, JAFAX, centering around anime with people, including me, cosplaying Japanese anime characters. There was Japanese food and a maid cafe like they have in Akihabara.

  17. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    Sounds fantastic! If you are interested in other festivals, check out the calendar at http://www.grnow.com/summer. It’s got a variety of other fun events listed.

  18. Keyrsten Clark Says:

    We had lunch at a Finnish restaurant called Soumi. The pancakes were awesome.

  19. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    Sounds yummy! Is this the one in Houghton?

  20. Jacquelyn Says:

    Jacquelyn tried mangoes, papaya, and kiwi. She loved the mangoes and papaya but not the kiwi. She will drink the kiwi in a smoothie though!

  21. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    I think sometimes people are put off by the seeds in kiwi, but I do love it. I’m really enjoying all the fresh fruit that’s available right now! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  22. Amy Says:

    We attended the Great Quesadilla Taste Off at Wyoming. The favorite seemed to be the smores kind.

  23. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    Chocolate makes everything better!

  24. Morgan L. Says:

    My friend suggested I watch a Japanese anime movie called Kiki’s Delivery
    Service. I did not exactly think it sounded so good but it was much much
    better than I had thought. I really liked it!

  25. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    That was my first anime movie, too! Around the same time, Howl’s Moving Castle was recommended to me, too, which I also enjoyed. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  26. Lorelei L. Says:

    My mom let me try Spumoni ice cream. It’s pistachio, cherry with almond, and chocolate. It’s like an Italian version of Neopolitan. I like ALL kinds of ice cream, but it was really fun to try something new.

  27. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    I like ALL kinds of ice cream, too! This one sounds like a winner.

  28. Wendy M Says:

    I watched the foreign film Lore. It was really quite good. It was interesting to see post WWII from the perspective of German citizens. I shall have to watch more foreign films. It is a genre I havenit explored before.

  29. Vanessa, KDL Staff Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Wendy! If you like a whodunnit, you might also enjoy Foyle’s War, which shows the perspective of a British detective on the homefront during WWII.

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