Experience Summer Online: Go Digital (2013)

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39 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Go Digital (2013)”

  1. Sandra Velthouse Says:

    Getting ebooks from the library to read on my tablet is the easiest way ever, to find great books. I can browse for books at home, search for favorite authers and subjects. Thanks KDL 🙂
    I downloaded and read Blood Work by Michael Connelly

  2. Megan Says:

    I love that you can now recommend certain ebooks for purchase to KDL if they don’t already have it!

  3. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Sandra and Megan,

    Thanks for your great comments about our ebooks! Our KDL digital collection is awesome and we are working everyday to improve the digital experience for our customers! If you haven’t had a chance, explore Freegal our free digital music download service and Zinio our free digital magazine download service. They are both wonderful products as well! Enjoy!

  4. Caleb Terpstra Says:

    I read an Ebook

  5. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    That’s great Caleb! Which ebook did you read? Would you give it thumbs up or thumbs down?

  6. Viola Weber Says:

    I love to listen to Brainpop on the ipad each day. It is fun and I learn a lot of new things.

  7. andrea Says:

    I read magicians nephew by C.S. Lewis

  8. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Viola,

    I’ve never heard of Brainpop but I just added to my list of apps to check out! I’m looking forward to it since I love to learn new things while I’m having fun!

  9. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Do you plan on reading any other CS Lewis books this summer?

  10. Craig KDL Staff Says:

    Here is a video that was made by a talented teen at the Cascade Township Branch with a little bit of help from me. Does anyone else have a video they made on YouTube?

  11. andrea Says:

    Yea I do. I loved the first book to the chronicles of narnia series.

  12. andrea Says:

    I just realized I put magicians nephew down for read and go digital. So I read miles to go by Miley Cyrus for go digital.

  13. virginia Says:

    The Michigan e Library Database(MeL) has many databases to choose from. The database i chose to investigate was the Books and Reading database Books and Authors. This database lets you search books by authors, genre, series, setting,characters, etc. If your library doesn’t have the book on shelf you can request it from any library in Michigan.

  14. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    I’m glad you used MeL, Virginia. It is a great service with access to a ton of books. I make quite a bit of use of it myself.

  15. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Virginia,

    NoveList is also another fun database to explore for booklovers! One of the nice features is that it will give read-a-likes for books and authors you have liked in the past!

  16. logan Says:

    I read the eBook ‘How Rocket Learned To Read.” It was a fun book!

  17. Craig KDL Staff Says:


    That looks like a really neat book. Do you think the digital edition of it does it justice? Was this the first ebook you have read?

  18. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    We’d love to hear from someone who’s used Zinio to download a magazine! If you’re wondering how it works here’s a link that will give you great instructions!


  19. Craig KDL Staff Says:

    Don’t forget you can download music with your KDL card from Freegal.

    Here is a link to get started with Freegal and give it a try.

    Here is a link for the FAQs

  20. Anne Marie Says:

    Love using my tablet to read books!

  21. joe Says:

    I love using MeL to order books from different libraries in Michigan!

  22. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Anne Marie and Joe,
    Those are two great ways to read books. My favorite digital resource is still our e-audiobooks!

  23. Jennifer Gruenberg Says:

    I am always reading eBooks on my nook color but I have not gotten any from the library because when i tried their eBooks they would never download for me. This was last year so I’ll have to try again.

  24. Craig KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Discovering and reading a good eBook is always fun. With the Nook color you just need to download the OverDrive Media Console app, authorize it and you will be good to go. Also the Nook reads the EPUB format of the eBooks so you will want to make sure you are downloading eBooks in that format. Below is a link with the instructions on how to download the app and use it. Remember you can always bring your tablet into your local KDL branch and a staff member should be able to help you with your device.

  25. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    We also have our Speek to a Geek drop-in tech help programs going on this summer! You can find a full schedule of dates and times at the top of this page under programs! These programs provide great opportunities to bring in your device and trouble shoot problems!

  26. Julie Young Says:

    I got a new phone with android so I downloaded overdrive and I think it has changed my life. I love reading and using the e reading device on my phone has made it possible to read at night without having a light on that would keep my son from sleeping. so far I am on my third book and I have only had my new phone for two weeks. I love it.

  27. Mindy H Says:

    We love checking out ebooks through the library! This summer we’ve already checked out Big Nate, Wonder, and a few others via KDL’s digital library!

  28. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Julie and Mindy!

    We’re so glad that you are enjoying checking out ebooks from our digital library on your different devices! Other digital services that you might enjoy include Freegal our free digital music download service and Zinio our free digital magazine download service. You can access those services here….http://www.kdl.org/downloads. Give it a try! Enjoy!

  29. Caitlyn Says:

    I read an ebook: the Wedding of Antanasia and Lucius. The actual title is much longer but it’s from a series by Beth Fantaskey.

  30. Wendy M Says:

    I read an ebook! Love being able to have a book with me all the time.

  31. Craig KDL Staff Says:

    Hello Caitlyn and Wendy!

    I am so pleased that you both have read ebooks from KDL. If you enjoyed reading an ebook you should checkout some of KDL’s other cool digital services. Such as downloading music with Freegal and browsing digital magazines with Zinio, and the best part is that both of these services are free to you. You can explore these other digital services at
    Best of Luck and have fun.

  32. Keyrsten Clark Says:

    We have been reserving books online this summer.

  33. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    Nice one Keyrsten!

  34. Morgan L. Says:

    I read an ebook today. It was fun. It was a good book. It was called A
    Rock is Lively. I read it to get inspired for “Rock Out with KDL” this weekend at Reading Rocks in Rockford.

  35. Fiona Moord Says:

    It was very fun listening to Fancy Nancy because we got to hear what her family’s life was like and what they experienced. I’m excited to listen to more eBooks!

  36. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Morgan,

    We’re glad you were able to enjoy an ebook from the KDL digital collection! Hope you read another one real soon! The good thing about ebooks is that you never have to worry about late fees! Have fun at the Reading Rocks celebration in Rockford!

  37. Lorelei L. Says:

    I read a few books with my mom on her nook. We read Ollie, Ollie the Stomper, and Merry Christmas Ollie. My mom said she read these to me when I was a baby, but now I can read them to her.

  38. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Fiona,

    I love Fancy Nancy! Hope you’re able to listen to more eBooks! Who are some of your other favorite book characters?

  39. Theresa, KDL Staff Says:

    Hi Lorelei,

    Isn’t reading a book with someone else tons of fun! I’m sure you’re mom loved that you are such a good reader that now you can read to her! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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