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26 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Draw (2013)”

  1. Viola Weber Says:

    I went to Meijer Gardens with my family.

  2. virginia Says:

    My family and I enjoyed our stroll around the beautiful Meijer Gardens. Beautiful!

  3. S, KDL staff Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your Meijer Garden experience. One of the adult Summer Reading Club prizes this year is a Meijer Garden membership! So register and read to win the raffle.

  4. S, KDL staff Says:

    Visit downtown this weekend, experience the fun of Festival of the Arts. Tell us how your artsy visit went. I’d love to hear about it!

  5. S Says:

    I’d love to see to art! Send it in from link provided above. Sidewalk chalk, caricatures or panoramic watercolor. What have YOU been creating?

  6. logan Says:

    My aunt took me to Meijer gardens.

  7. S, KDL staff Says:

    That’s great Logan! What was your favorite thing at Meijer Gardens? I like the big horse.

  8. Anne Marie Says:

    Went to the Meijer Gardens and looked at the wedding venue.

  9. s Says:

    Meijer Gardens sounds like a lovely place for a wedding!

  10. joe Says:

    I took my son to Meijer Gardens. There is so much to see inside and outside!

  11. S, KDL staff Says:

    Awesome Joe! I’m sure this time of year the gardens are in full bloom with birds, bees, and butterflies. Glad you had a good time.

  12. Alyssa Says:

    I did arts and crafts at our library. It was fun making a bug holder and a flower press!

  13. Mindy H Says:

    We are big fans of making art and being creative! We checked out “The Art Journal Workshop” by Traci Bunkers and will be making one of our own!

  14. S, KDL staff Says:

    Wow! What a creative bunch. I love going to the beach, collecting stones & sticks, making sandle castles. I try to get creative with feathers and other unique beach finds.

  15. Caitlyn Says:

    I checked out a book about art from the library called Basic Anatomy for the Manga Artist, and Shojo Beat’s Manga Artist Academy. They’ve been really helpful as a guide for me when I’m drawing manga characters.

  16. Wendy M Says:

    We visited the Chalk Art Festival and had a great time.

  17. Keyrsten Says:

    We make a ninja training course out of chalk on our driveway. The kids have to walk a line, jump over obsticals, and do a ladder run. All trying to beat their fastest time.

  18. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    Wendy, I’m glad you were able to visit the Chalk Art Festival. I have heard great things about it. I’m glad you ahd fun! There are more local festivals listed at: http://www.grnow.com/summer/

  19. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    Making a ninja training course is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing your creative way to draw and have fun.

  20. S, KDL staff Says:

    Caitlyn, glad you have such a passion for drawing & manga art. My sister can draw caricature. She has sketched plenty of funny ones involving me!

  21. Amy Says:

    In June, my daughter Alicia attended the Uncover Your Hidden Artist at Wyoming. She brought 3 friends with her, it was part of her birthday party. They had a great time.

  22. Julie Young Says:

    I took my kids to Frederick Meijer Gardens children’s garden. It was really amazing. They have tons of different activities to keep the kids occupied for hours. There is a scavenger hunt, a maze, tons of walking trails, a water ways map of Michigan, and much more. It is something everyone should check out at least once.

  23. S, KDL staff Says:

    Amy, I’m glad your daughter enjoyed Uncover Your Hidden Artist program. We all need to discover our inner artist!

  24. S, KDL staff Says:

    Julie, so nice to hear you and your children enjoyed Meijer Garden. Sounds like you spend an eventful and adventure filled day doing all those activities. I love a good maze!

  25. Morgan L. Says:

    I read alot of books (28!) illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen. He came to my school this year and showed us that you really only need to be able to draw a few shapes to draw most things.

  26. Lorelei L. Says:

    I went to the Egyptian Pyramid Dig and made a bunch of fun crafts. I also made a mummy and another pyramid at Michael’s this summer.

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