Experience Summer Online: Listen (2013)

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23 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Listen (2013)”

  1. HK Kennedy Says:

    I totally plan to hear Adam Mellema tell stories at the Spencer Township branch of KDL in August!

  2. virginia Says:

    I listened to the interview on WGVU Radio with Shelly Irwin and Director Lance Werner in which they discussed the EPIC Award that the KDL was in the running for. Congratulations KDL!! You won the EPIC Award!! The librarians are proudly wearing their EPIC AWARD RIBBIONS!!

  3. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Virginia, I am glad that you were able to listen to that interview. Yes, we are very proud of our EPIC Award, the first time that this business award has been won by a government entity! It shows how much we strive to serve our communities.

  4. logan Says:

    I went to see the John Ball Zoo Traveling Zoo. I liked seeing the animals!

  5. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Logan – I think that the traveling zoo must have been so interesting, and I’m sure that you learned a lot. I’m wondering, did any of the animals make a sound?

  6. Anne Marie Says:

    Going to Montgomery Gentry Concert July 5th at the Meijer Gardens.

  7. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Anne Marie – That’s fantastic! I hope you have a great time.

  8. Viola Weber Says:

    I will attend three concerts this summer at Meijer Gardens. One in each month. I will also attend the BNL concert in Columbus this weekend. At Meijer Gardens I saw Sheryl Crow and will see harry Conick and Smoky Robinson.

  9. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Viola – lucky you! happy listening!

  10. joe Says:

    I took my son to see the John Ball Zoo Traveling Zoo.

  11. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Joe – I hope your son enjoyed hearing all the interesting things they had to say about the animals.

  12. Caitlyn Says:

    I liked the concert at Kentwoodpalooza-and the food.

  13. Wendy M Says:

    We attended the Joel Tacey’s Underground comedy show.

  14. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Caitlyn and Wendy – I hope you enjoyed the shows!

  15. Keyrsten Says:

    We saw Kids Bop this summer.

  16. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Keyrsten – that sounds like a great deal of fun with lots of good listening!

  17. Mindy H Says:

    One of our favorite things to do as a family is read along as we listen to the Harry Potter audio books! When we finish a book, we enjoy the movie as well. We are listening to Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix now. I would encourage other families to pick a book or series to share this way too. It doesn’t have to be summer. It has created some wonderful bonding time and memories for our family.

  18. Amy Says:

    Does attending the Big Time Rush concert count? 🙂

  19. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Amy – of course listening to a concert counts! and dancing while you listen – should it count double?

    Mindy – great idea about how to use audiobooks as a family!

  20. Morgan L. Says:

    I went to Joel Tacey’s Underground Comedy Show and John Ball Zoo Traveling Zoo: Dig into the World of Animals. They were both cool. The comedy show was funny and the animals were cool.

  21. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Morgan L. – Good for you! Keep listening and keep enjoying life!

  22. Lorelei L. Says:

    I saw three animals at the John Ball Traveling Zoo. There was an owl, a snake, and a ferret. We had to be very quiet for the animals.

  23. Helen, KDL Staff Says:

    Lorelei – Being quiet lets you listen, for sure. And those animals were probably listening to the people too.

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