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36 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Get Outside (2013)”

  1. virginia Says:

    My favorite sport is teaching my grandson how to play tball. You should see his face when he gets a hit and runs around the bases. He plays pretty good for a 4 year old.

  2. Josh, KDL Staff Says:

    That is great Virginia, I feel much the same. I just took my Son, who is 5 to his first tball practice on Monday and it was a blast watching him play. I can’t wait to see him in a game.

    While we are at it, one of my favorite Get Outside activities during the summer here in West Michigan is going to a White Caps game. You can’t be the fun that can be found at a minor league ball game.

  3. Sophia Says:

    My favorite sport to play outside is soccer with my little brothers and my dog. My dog can actually get the soccer ball in the goal by pushing it! My brothers and I all play on soccer teams.

  4. Chloe Says:

    Today we went to the Critter Barn – which is kinda like a zoo. We had fun seeing all the different animals and being outside!

  5. Peyton Says:

    My mom plays soccer with me outside. We also like to play wiffle ball, I like to hit the ball with the bat and run as fast as I can around the bases!

  6. Josh, KDL Staff Says:

    I am loving all these great Get Outside activity ideas. Soccer is always fun and the idea of seeing a dog play soccer is awesome. Going to the critter barn for your Get Outside experience was a great idea Chloe. My kids love it there, and we have always enjoyed having some of the Critter barn folks host programs here at the library.

    Keep the great ideas flowing everyone, as each one of these ideas could inspire someone else.

  7. Viola Weber Says:

    I am working to get 10,000 baseketball shots in this summer. I shoot about 130 shots each day.

  8. Lisa and Lily Says:

    We went to John Ball Zoo and did the ropes course and petted the stingrays.

  9. Josh, KDL Staff Says:

    Viola, that is an awesome goal, sort of a modified version of Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that it takes 10,000 hours to master something? Let us know at the end of the summer how all that practice turns out.

    Lisa and Lily, that sounds like a lot of fun. How did you like the new bear habitat?

  10. andrea Says:

    My little brother got free passes from school to go to the zoo because he read so many books. My dad and my 4 siblings and we got to see a ton of animals. I have posion ivy so I didn’t tough the sting rays or pet the goats or anything. But it was a lot of fun being able to go to the zoo. We saw a wallaby with a baby in its pouch his head was sticking out. It was very cute. We also got to see the snakes being fed. They’re raising money to bring tigers to the zoo. I cant wait to go back and see them. We went to the gift shop before we left and my little brother got a book and my sister got a stuffed animal leopard. We also got to donate money to get the tigers. Going to the zoo yesterday was a very fun experience.

  11. andrea Says:

    My little brother won passes from school to go to the John ball zoo. My dad and my four siblings went. My siblings pet the goats and the sting rays. We got to see the parakeets. I didn’t touch anything because I have posion ivy. We got to see the wallabys and one wallaby had a baby in its pouch. It was very cute. We also got to see the snakes get fed lunch. One thing I liked was seeing all the various kinds of monkeys. There were baboons, chimpanzees, and litttle black monkeys. When we were done we got to go to the gift shop and my little brother got a book and my sister bought a stuffed animal snow leopard. We also got a chance to donate to bring a tiger to the zoo. Yesterday when we went to the zoo was fun. I had a great experience.

  12. andrea Says:

    My family and I went to the zoo and saw a baby wallaby. We also got to donate to bring a tiger to the John Ball Zoo.

  13. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun at the zoo. I hope to go there soon myself and see the new bear habitat. Keep working on our on-line activities and good luck!

  14. logan Says:

    Today was the second time I visited the Critter Barn. I love holding the baby chicks, brushing the hair on several cat’s, and playing with the baby bunnies. I like seeing all the other animals too!

  15. Josh, KDL Staff Says:

    That’s great Logan, the Critter barn is always a very fun place. Glad to hear that so many people are enjoying a lot of the great outdoor activities that West Michigan has to offer.

  16. Anne Marie Says:

    Detriot Zoo and Binder Park zoo!

  17. joe Says:

    I have taken my son to the Critter Barn several times this summer. He loves holding the baby chicks!

  18. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    It sounds like zoos and animal programs are super fun and popular this year. Good job everyone!

    For more KDL programs for the rest of summer go to: http://www.kdl.org/events

  19. Jennifer Gruenberg Says:

    I like to go to the park and play funnel ball with my son.

  20. Josh, KDL Staff Says:

    That’s great Jennifer. Full disclosure, I had no idea what funnel ball was, but your comment prompted me to learn, which is great as it also finally clears up my question as to what those odd funnel things are at most elementary school playgrounds.

  21. Mindy H Says:

    We’ve been enjoying the area parks this summer and our boys have also done some hiking & geocaching!

  22. Tracey Says:

    Our 5 yr. old learned to ride a 2 wheel bike, so we’ve been bike riding as a family. The neighbors pool, VBS and trips to John Ball Park Zoo have kept us busy!

  23. Caitlyn Says:

    I live near M6 trails so I bike there with my family.

  24. Josh, KDL Staff Says:

    These are great responses everyone. Gotta love family hiking, biking, and swiming.

  25. Wendy M Says:

    We spent an afternoon at Palmer Park. It’s a great place to hike.

  26. Keyrsten Says:

    We have been to the zoo. We love the new bear exhibit.

  27. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    I have heard great things about the new bear exhibit, I really need to get there and check it out!

  28. Joy Says:

    Soccer! Soccer! Soccer! We have family soccer night….often.

  29. Fiona Moord Says:

    My family used our free pass from school to visit John Ball Zoo. We got to see lots of animals and we got to see grizzly bears eat jerky, too. I had two favorite parts: seeing how far kangaroos could jump (my dad can jump far, too! 8 feet!) and seeing the playful otters showing off for the crowd. I love going to the zoo!

  30. Fiona Moord Says:

    I’m reposting this comment:

    My family used our free pass from school to go to the John Ball Zoo. It was very fun. We saw grizzly bears eating jerky. My two favorite parts were: seeing how far kangaroos can jump (my dad can jump far, too! 8 feet!) and watching the playful otters showing off for the crowd. I love going to the zoo!

  31. Jacquelyn Says:

    I went horseback riding with my mom. My mom and I rode a big horse. We led the way! Then I rode a pony all by myself! I want a pony of my own!

  32. Josh, KDL Staff Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. If you do end up getting a pony of your own you can always come into the library to pick up a good book on horses so you can learn how to take care of it.

  33. Amy Says:

    Geocaching!! We love to geocache!! We spent 12 hours on the 4th of July geocaching and numerous hours since then, both in this area and taking a route up M22.

  34. Julie Young Says:

    I took my kids to the zoo on the dollar day and man was it a zoo…talk about a pun. we had to walk ten minutes to get to the gate. Great exercise. They had some awesome things going on there though. I got a free picture and picture frame with my son dressed up like a safari guy. we got interviewed on camera by WGVU. and we got to see all the animals. they were all out. it was a great day. Thank you for letting us know about the dollar days.

  35. Morgan L. Says:

    Everyday I run around in the woods behind my house. I play with walnut shells and make fairy houses. I’ve visited Binder Park Zoo and John Ball Zoo. I also went to Warren Townsend County Park for the first time. It was a neat park and I liked the play sets and the river. It was really fun!

  36. Lorelei L. Says:

    I went to a presentation on butterflies at the Plainfield branch. It was about monarchs. I learned how to tell a girl monarch from a boy monarch. We saw monarchs and morning cloaks. I’ve seen both of them in my own yard. Yesterday I saw a Giant Swallowtail, too.

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