Experience Summer Online: Talk (2013)

TalkDig into summer fun!

Try an activity, attend a program or read a book from the list below, then share your experience in the comments section. Complete at least one of the listed ideas, then ENTER HERE to win gift cards and other prizes!


  • Read a book out loud.
  • Tell your family a story, a poem or a joke.
  • Attend one of KDL’s Toddler Times or Storytimes and write about your favorite rhyme, song or book in the comments section below.
  • See Tom Plunkard’s Magic: Can You Dig It? program and talk about how you think he does some of the magic tricks.



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Share what you did to complete the Talk category
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28 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Talk (2013)”

  1. virginia Says:

    This morning I read the Following books to my grandson: Pete the Cat Pete at theBeach by:James Dean,Freight Train by: Donald Crews, and Just One More Pet by: Mercer Mayer. Reading is a daily activity which I enjoy with my grandson along with telling make believe stories.

  2. Peggy Says:

    Today I read to my son & my daughter. I read Pete the Cat Rockin’ in my School Shoes, Gus gets Mad, Go Dog Go!, and We Are Monsters (which is not a common book, but my sons absolute favorite!) I love seeing the excitement on my kids’s faces when we get a new book!

  3. Caleb Says:

    today I told my mom and sister a joke.
    Here it is:
    What is a cow’s favorite thing to do?
    Go to the mooooooovies!

  4. Rita, KDL Staff Says:

    Pete the Cat stories are great read aloud books for kids. One of my favorite books to read at storytime is Grumpy Bird by Tankard. It is a great interactive story. The kids have an opportunity to get moving and talking. Let me know what you think if you check it out!

  5. Vernon Says:

    I have re-read The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, this book along with the others in the series have always been an inspiration to me and my children.
    The stories are intriguing, exciting and mysterious, everything you could ant in order to keep young minds and old(er).. engrossed and wanting more.
    I remember my children sitting in bed listening as I read these stories to them, a look of awe and expectation on their faces as I made vague attempts to add voices to the differing characters.

    A treat for them as well as me 🙂

  6. John Says:

    I read out loud to my kids today. I read Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs & Ham.

  7. Rita, KDL Staff Says:

    It is so good to hear about what you read to your kids! Thank you for sharing.

    Caleb, please feel free to share more jokes!

    Ms. Rita’s joke for the day:
    Q. Where do snowmen keep their money?

    A. In snow banks.

  8. andrea Says:

    I told my family many jokes.
    Why did the jelly roll?
    Because he saw the apple turnover
    What animal is never hungry?
    A turkey because it always getting stuffed

  9. Rita, KDL Staff Says:

    Good ones Andrea!

  10. logan Says:

    I love telling my grandma stories about Mickey Mouse and his friends!

  11. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    Great idea Logan!

    Remember telling or reading ryhmes is another great way to complete this activity and build reading skills.

  12. Anne Marie Says:

    Read any books by Mercer Mayer to my nephew everyday!

  13. Viola Weber Says:

    I read out loud to my parents. I also love telling jokes especially knock knock ones.

  14. joe Says:

    Yesterday I read Helping Out and Where’s Kitty? to my son . He had me read them to him several times! I enjoy reading books to my son!

  15. Mindy H Says:

    We love reading a story together as a family! This summer we’ve started “A Million Miles From Boston” by Karen Day. It takes place in the beautiful state of Maine where half of our family was born. There is even a mention of a character who grew up in Michigan.

  16. Caitlyn Says:

    I went to Granville’s Quesadilla tasteoff and I liked that they had options for me, a vegetarian, like a dessert taco. And they were good! 🙂
    Also, my sister was reunited with a friend at the same time.

  17. Keyrsten Says:

    My son reads Geronimo Stilton books to me at night. We also went to the magic show. I think my boys are still trying to figure out how he did his tricks.

  18. Kip, KDL Staff Says:

    The magic shows are always so popular! I’m glad you were able to enjoy them Keyrsten.

    It sounds like everyone is reading a lot of great books. Keep the great ideas coming!

  19. Jacquelyn Says:

    I went to a puppet show at a Grand Rapids library. The man showed me how to make puppets out of paper bags. My favorite was a tiny little dragon.

  20. Natalie Says:

    I liked the Dinosaur Dig. I liked making the dinosaur head, tail, and feet. I also liked the chocolate chip cookie thing where I had to pick the chips out with a toothpick. I also made a picture using stamps and stickers.

  21. Veronica Says:

    I was picked to be in one of Tom the Magician’s magic tricks! I think the egg was already in the bag when he put it on my head. I know how to do some tricks too!

  22. Rita, KDL Staff Says:

    It is good to hear all of your great experiences! Tom Plunkard is one of our favorites at Kent District Library.

  23. Wendy M Says:

    We attended Joel Tacey’s Underground Comedy Show. My son and I had a great time. My son wasn’t very excited about going, but ended up really enjoying the program. It was a lot of fun listening to him laugh at the jokes. Thanks for a great evening.

  24. Amy Says:

    We have read numerous books to our younger daughter. She loves Pete the Cat and we have read all those, again and again!! We also have a favorite called Hiccopotamus! It is really cute. Also love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. She seems to like to check out Curious George also.

  25. Julie Young Says:

    I read books out loud to my five year old son every day. I enjoy reading to others. I have read the entire Breaking Dawn series out loud to my daughter.

  26. Morgan L. Says:

    I like to read out loud to my little sister. I also tell her about the chapter books that I’m reading to myself.

  27. Fiona Moord Says:

    I have my own joke book. It’s very fun to read to my family because there are jokes that we all laugh at together. One of my favorites is: “Where did the bunnies go after their wedding? On a bunny-moon!”

  28. Lorelei L. Says:

    Because I’m still learning to read, I read three Easy Readers everyday to my mom. So far this summer, I’ve read 158 books to her. I’ve read many non-fiction books about ocean creatures and animals that I’ve checked out from KDL.

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