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  • Write a story, some poetry or anything else and share it in the comments section below.
  • Review a book on our Summer Reading website
  • Make a list of all the fun things you are doing this summer!
  • Listen to some author interviews and find a new writer to try



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29 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Write”

  1. Leah Threatt Says:

    I made this story. I hope you enjoy!

    The Great Aunt Charlotte

    It was a hot summer day in South Carolina. Aunt Charlotte decided she would take her niece Anna, nephew John, and his friend Collen to the park to have a picnic. They hopped in the car, drove through the countryside, and arrived at the park, but before they could eat their lunch, the boys ran off into the woods.
    Collen then dared John to go explore in the woods with him, and so they did. They were running and playing and having fun, but it ended fast. Suddenly they saw five big, mad, mean, strong bears beginning to circle around them.
    The boys started yelling and yelling, “HELP! HELP! Please, we are only ten and we don’t want to die!”
    Anna heard them yelling and said, “Aunt Charlotte, I hear the boys yelling, ‘Help! Help! We don’t want to die!’”
    Aunt Charlotte took action and ran to the woods 100 miles an hour. In she went. Then she saw the boys and bears. She stood still for a moment until she remembered where bears’ weak spots are. She ran to the bears, pushed in on their weak spots, and down all of them went. It was over in ten seconds exactly.
    Then she said, “We should go home.”
    They all thought that was a great idea. They got home and finally had their lunch. For the rest of the day they talked all about their adventure.

  2. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Leah,
    Thanks for kicking off our Write section with such a great story! I was really worried about what was going to happen to the boys, but I’m happy Aunt Charlotte knew the bears weak spots – what a cool aunt!!

  3. Jacob Harder Says:

    HI, my name is Jacob, I am 6 years old and I wrote a poem about Angry birds.
    Keep an eye on Pigs
    Protects eggs
    Sleep outside
    Get knocked down
    Angry Birds
    I want to race!

  4. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Jacob,
    What a great poem! I love Angry Birds and your poem really captures the game. Have you tried any of the different versions of the game, like the Star Wars Angry Birds? Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

  5. sarah Says:

    This summer i will be reading a ton and playing ball tag in my back yard with my famikly

  6. Andrea Says:

    Today I wrote a review on the book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs I really enjoyed the book and hope others do to.

  7. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    It looks like you have a busy summer planned! What books are hoping to read this summer?

  8. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I have been wanting to read that book, so I’m glad to hear it is good. Did you know there is a second book out? It’s called Hollow City. Let me know if you read it and what you think about it!

  9. Andrea Says:

    I started to read it and its really good. Im sucked into it, just like the first one.

  10. Katie, KDL Says:

    Oh man, I need to pick up the first one soon!

  11. Diana DeYoung Says:

    I went to the Kdl Byron Geodes program, and it was an interesting talk all about minerals, like things I never knew about before! We even got to take a geode home!

  12. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Diana,
    That sounds like it was a lot of fun! What was something that you learned about minerals?

  13. Luke Says:

    My list of fun summer activities:
    Soccer camp, whiffle ball, swimming, volleyball, bike rides, playing video games, and eating ice cream!

  14. Ben McCarty Says:

    Splash!! This summer I am going swimming in my Grandma’s pool. I went to a b-ball camp this summer. I love to write. I am thrilled watching the World Cup. This summer will be a blast!!!

  15. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Luke,
    It sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you!! What video games do you like to play? Did you sign up for our Mario Kart Tournament?

  16. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hello Ben,
    It does sound like your summer is going to be a blast!! What kind of stuff do you like to write?

  17. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi everyone,
    Has anyone gone to any programs at the library this summer?

  18. logan Says:

    I saw the John Ball Traveling Zoo at the Comstock Park Library. It was fun to pet some animals.

  19. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Logan,
    That sounds like a great time! I love being able to see animals up close. Did you have a favorite?

    Anyone else go to any library programs this summer? There’s still time if not. Check http://www.kdl.org/events for all our programs!

  20. Wendy Says:

    I went to all three of the presentations at the Cascade library about the North Country Trail. I loved all three of them, but have to say hearing Joan Young talk about her experiences hiking the entire trail was my favorite. She does a wonderful job sharing photos and anecdotes about her travels. I would love to learn even more about her experiences as well as learn more about hiking opportunities in our area. Great program!

  21. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hello Wendy,
    Thanks for sharing that! I wanted to go the those programs, but was unable to make it – sounds like there were really good though! I recently read a book called Wild by Cheryl Strayed and it was about her hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. I found it to be very interesting to read about her hike and experiences on the trail; I bet Joan’s talk was great as well!!

  22. Lorelei Says:

    This summer I went to Ruff Readers in Rockford. It was really, really fun! (I went to a BUNCH of other KDL programs this summer at a bunch of branches, but Ruff Readers was grrrrr-eat!)

  23. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Lorelei,
    Ruff Readers sounds like such a fun time. I bet the dog really loved you reading to him/her!! I’m so happy to hear you went to a bunch of our programs. We love that! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Morgan Says:

    I read a caldecott award book. It was called Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears. It was a good book. It is a porquoi tale. I really like porquoi tales.

  25. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Morgan,
    I love that book! It is a really great porquoi tale. Do you have any other favorites?

  26. Diana DeYoung Says:

    When do we find out who wins?

  27. Katie, KDL Says:

    Hi Diana,
    Great question! You should have been contacted, via phone, if you won.

  28. Diana DeYoung Says:

    Okay, thanks!

  29. Katie, KDL Says:

    You’re welcome!

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