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Be CreativeIgnite your happiness through Experience Summer Online!

Try an activity, attend a program or read a book from the list below, then share your experience in the comments section. Complete at least one of the listed ideas, then ENTER HERE to win gift cards and other prizes!




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25 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Be Creative”

  1. Lynn, KDL Staff Says:

    Thank you very much for participating in the online portion of Summer Reading @ KDL! We are very excited to hear all that you’re participating in this summer!

  2. Jacob Harder Says:

    I made a handprint heart for my daddy for Fathers day today! I think he will love it!

  3. Kaylee Harder Says:

    I painted a butterfly today and a handprint heart for my daddy for Father’s day! I love to paint.

  4. Sara, KDL Staff Says:

    What great ideas, Jacob and Kaylee! I’m sure your dads will be so excited to get such thoughtful homemade gifts tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the other creative ideas that our KDL friends come up with this summer!
    Check out our Events listing this summer for an Art Attack near you.

  5. Amy Says:

    We went to the Fredrick Meijer gardens and we have played restaurant and doll house at KDL many times the last few weeks

  6. Sara, KDL Staff Says:

    The Gardens are a great way to stimulate your creativity! So is playing at KDLville. What other activities can you do outdoors to express your creativity?
    How about sidewalk chalk, photography, or hula hooping with a friend?
    What else can you think of?

  7. Sarah Says:

    Me and my brother dressed up and composed a story.

  8. Lynn, KDL Staff Says:

    Sarah – what a great idea to use your creativity! I hope you and your brother had a great time!

  9. Sara, KDL Staff Says:

    Want a great way to express your creativity? Check out Art Attack at your local branch. You can view dates and locations from our Events page. Check out our other Family programs for great activities you can do together this summer!

  10. Diana DeYoung Says:

    DIY spa products was awesome! I am now using these products! Very cool!

  11. Sara, KDL Staff Says:

    That’s great Diana! So glad you enjoyed the program and the products. If others are interested in Do at Home Spa recipes, check out our Spa Day book list for teens: http://www.kdl.org/categories/3791

  12. Ivy Says:

    We visited Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. We always enjoy playing in the children’s garden. Our favorite sculptures are The American Horse (especially the small one you can touch)and Mad Mom. We saw Neuron for the first time today.

  13. Sara, KDL Staff Says:

    We love Meijer Gardens too! Especially the children’s garden. Some of our branches have installed children’s gardens too. Check out our Spencer or Caledonia branch for fun ways to play in the outdoors.

  14. logan Says:

    I colored a picture of The Butterfly Cycle for my Dad. We put it up on the refrigerator for everyone to see.

  15. Kris Says:

    We just went to the Frederick mariners gardens yesterday and had a great time

  16. Lynn, KDL Staff Says:

    We’re so glad everyone is taking advantage of this great summer weather to experience the Meijer Gardens! What a great place to be creative.

    Logan – it sounds like you made a great picture for your dad.

    Keep up the great work, everyone!

  17. Lynn, KDL Staff Says:

    There are still 10 days left of Summer Reading @ KDL! Plenty of time to complete some of the tasks needed to be entered for some family prizes online! Check them out!

  18. Jessica Says:

    Our 4 year-old made a great craft frame for his dad yesterday – coloring, stickers, tracing, gluing – and we put a card about dads inside. It was a big hit with my husband and was a completely kid-driven idea. When did my little guy get big enough to come up with this stuff?!

  19. Andrea Says:

    I don’t know if learning a new bracelet pattern counts as making a craft but that’s what I did. I learned how to make a double chevron. I also taught a girl I met at camp.

  20. Wendy Says:

    My son and I drew flowers on our driveway with sidewalk chalk. I’m not very good at drawing, but I can make a neat looking flower out of hearts. Just a fun time making memories with my kids.

  21. Sara, KDL Staff Says:

    Thank you all for sharing such great ideas with us this summer! Summer reading is coming to a close this Saturday, August 9. Don’t forget to get your completer slips in to your local KDL branch! We’ve had a blast celebrating reading and creativity with all of you this summer.

  22. Leah Threatt Says:

    I got a craft book. And made something really cool for my doll!

  23. Lorelei Says:

    I attended a couple crafty programs at my KDL library and I also dressed up a few times this summer to give my mom a good laugh. I’ve been a mad bug scientist, caveman, knight, and a mouse. (My mom is really scared of child-sized mice!)

  24. Lynn, KDL Staff Says:

    Leah and Lorelei – it sounds like you have been VERY creative this summer! Keep up the great work! Thank you so much for participating in Summer Reading @ KDL online!

  25. Morgan Says:

    I went to Meijer gardens three times this summer so far. I went to the David Nash exibit. I went to the giant horse. I went to the carnivorous plants room,the tropical room,and alot of other rooms.

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