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16 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Engage Culture”

  1. Rachel, KDL Staff Says:

    What are you doing to engage culture this summer? I’d like to try some new foods. KDL has a collection of CDs from around the world if you are looking for new music!

  2. Andrea Says:

    My family and I went to Jose’s Restaurante. We got to try different mexican food including enchiladas and burritos. They have great food.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I went to Jose’s Restaurant. I tried a beef and cheese burrito.

  4. Leah Threatt Says:

    I went to the Native American Dance. It was very cool. We got to dance with them. The one dance was called the snake. We swirled into a circle and just keep moving, then went out. It was very fun. One of them showed us the hoops. Which is dance. She did very good at it. I hope to do it again some time.

  5. Rachel, KDL Staff Says:

    Andrea and Sarah, your food choices sound delicious! I like to try new foods too.

    Leah, I’m glad you enjoyed the program and got to dance along with the performers. That’s a great way to learn new things!

  6. Diana DeYoung Says:

    I watched Spirited Away, an anime, from the library! It was very cool!

  7. Rachel, KDL Staff Says:

    Diana, that’s great that you enjoyed that dvd. KDL has lists of recommended books, music, movies on our website if you are looking for more Anime DVDs or music from another culture.

  8. logan Says:

    I went to Adobe restaurant to try out a taco.I really didn’t like it!

  9. Rachel, KDL Staff Says:

    Logan, I’m glad you were willing to try something new. Maybe the next thing you try will be better!

  10. Ivy Says:

    We watched the French foreign film “The Red Balloon”.

  11. Rachel, KDL Staff Says:

    Ivy, that’s a classic!

  12. Wendy M Says:

    I watched the movie Kon-Tiki. I read the book many years ago and loved it. The film was well done.

  13. Rachel, KDL Staff Says:

    Wendy, I’m glad you enjoyed both the book and the film!

  14. Lorelei Says:

    I visited the Cascade KDL for the first time to see the Native American Hoop Dancers. The Bush Family was great. I liked watching Mr. Bush play the drum, his daughter do the hoop dance, and Mrs. Bush sing and dance. I learned alot listening to her explain the dances. I also got to do a snake and buffalo dance 🙂

  15. Rachel, KDL Staff Says:

    Lorelei, I’m glad you enjoyed the program at Cascade! Isn’t it fun to try new things?

  16. Morgan Says:

    I went to Native american dancers. They did a buffalo dance and a snake dance. They also did a hoop dance. They played a drum.

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