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Ignite HappinessIgnite your happiness through Experience Summer Online!

Try an activity, attend a program or read a book from the list below, then share your experience in the comments section. Complete at least one of the listed ideas, then ENTER HERE to win gift cards and other prizes!


  • Find a science experiment on pbs.org and tell us what happened in the comments section below.
  • Enjoy the night sky! Count some stars, look for a constellation or find a shooting star.
  • Attend one of our science programs (listed below) and share your experience in the comments section.
  • Experience nature! Get outside and take some pictures on vacation or at a park.



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20 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Ignite Happiness”

  1. Jocelyn, KDL Says:

    How about if someone tries the Yeast, Part II experiment off pbs.org and tells us how big the balloons get when you feed the yeast!

  2. Stephanie, KDL Says:

    My husband is thinking of beekeeping as a hobby. Does anyone have some words of wisdom for him. Any local beekeepers out there?
    KDL has some great books on the subject too!

  3. Sarah Says:

    When I was outside yesterday night I say the little dipper in the sky

  4. Stephanie, KDL Says:

    Sarah, did you know that we have an observatory in Lowell! You can check it out online at graaa.org.

  5. Andrea Says:

    Outside at night when we go get icecream my siblings and I look at the stars. Which reminds me when we used to have to get up in the morning early for school we would look at the stars, and we would find the little dipper, the big dipper, and orion’s belt (a constellation my sister told me about).

  6. Kip, KDL Says:

    Hi Andrea, what a great way to Ignite Happiness! That is a great idea for anyone to try.

  7. Jocelyn, KDL Says:

    Head to the beach and be a beach scavenger! Look for driftwood, insects, seaweed, tracks, birds, shells. Hunt among the sand, water and rocks. Then find a quiet spot to sit down and look for life around you. See what you can see that you’ve never seen before!

  8. Diana DeYoung Says:

    I went to the geodes program and got to keep a geode! Science was made interesting through this program!

  9. Jocelyn, KDL Says:

    Glad you liked it! I’ve heard that geode program is really cool – there’s another session next Tuesday at 6:30 at the Lowell branch.

  10. Jamerson Says:

    After visiting, we played on a playground outside the National Aviary in Pittsburg, PA, while we were on vacation. My mom took lots of pictures.

  11. Stephanie @kdl Says:

    Henna! Bath salts! Hand lotions! Our Cascade teens are having a fabulous time with DIY Spa Products this afternoon! If you missed the program check out our booklist to create your own spa day.

  12. logan Says:

    My dad took me to the Super Fun Science Party at the Comstock Park Library. We had a great time!

  13. Sarah Says:

    My 6 year old, Kayley, loves playing with her Snaps Circuit Jr. that she got for Christmas this past year. She is able to follow the directions herself and make all sorts of fun things…noises, lights, make a part fly, etc. There are about 100 different things she can do with it, and she’s made almost a quarter of them.

  14. Jocelyn, KDL Says:

    Sounds like you all have been having lots of science-related fun! We still have three Super Fun Science Parties this summer: July 23 @10:00 @Kentwood, July 24 @Alto @1:30, and July 30 @Gaines Township @2:00.

  15. Leah Threatt Says:

    I went out side with my sister and looked at the stars and tried to get some lighting bugs.

  16. Lorelei Says:

    Tonight I’m going tent camping and I’m hoping to enjoy the Perseid Meteor Shower. I love to look at the stars in the sky at night.

  17. Jocelyn, KDL Says:

    It should be a great weekend for seeing the Perseid Meteor Shower!

  18. Stephanie @kdl Says:

    A great weekend for picking blueberries too! Did you know that Michigan leads the nation in blueberry production, producing 32 percent of the blueberries eaten in the U.S. And blueberries are low fat, sodium free, and a good source of both fiber and vitamin C. Eat up!

  19. Wendy Says:

    We went to the Calvin College Ecopreserve where we saw frogs and turtles.

  20. Morgan Says:

    I went to several science programs at the library this summer:

    Amazing Bats
    Let’s Explore Geodes
    Rockets are a Blast
    Radical Reptiles

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