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33 Responses to “Experience Summer Online: Get Outside and Play”

  1. Leah Threatt Says:

    Hi I’m Leah. I play soccer. I had a game in Saturday. It is my favorite sport to play. I even scored three goals in my game. We won! Leah

  2. Monica, KDL Says:

    Three goals!? Great job, Leah! That sounds like tons of fun!

  3. Kaylee Harder Says:

    I like to play baseball in my back yard with my brother. Sometimes I hit the ball really far and sometimes I miss. I keep practicing.

  4. Jacob Harder Says:

    I like to play baseball and soccer in my back yard with my mom. I love to run and kick the ball and I can swing the bat really good too!

  5. Monica, KDL Says:

    That’s awesome, Kaylee! It’s good that you keep practicing–maybe someday we will see you in the Major Leagues! 🙂

  6. Monica, KDL Says:

    Jacob, you play baseball *and* soccer? Fantastic! The summer is a perfect time to get outside and try all sorts of different sports!

  7. Diana DeYoung Says:

    I love to play soccer, even if I never score any goals! I also love to jog and/or run and be active!

  8. Monica, KDL Says:

    I never scored any goals in soccer either, Diana, but it’s a ton of fun to play, isn’t it!? 😉

  9. Andrea Says:

    Outside my family and I play soccer and catch. When we get exhausted we like to play another game were you throw up a tennis ball in the air and see how many claps you can get in before it comes back down. In order to stay in the game you have to catch the ball when it comes down and get in the right amount of claps.

  10. Monica, KDL Says:

    Andrea, that sounds like the coolest game ever! Thank you for sharing it on our site! (How many claps have you gotten in one try, before the ball comes down?)

  11. Andrea Says:

    The highest was 17.

  12. Monica, KDL Says:

    WHOO! Awesome! 😀

  13. Ben Says:

    Tonight I played kickball with my friends. We had a great time. I kicked 3 home runs! It was awesome.

  14. Monica, KDL Says:

    Way cool, Ben! One of the best things about summer is getting to play outside later in the evening, don’t you think? 🙂

  15. Lisa Says:

    My daughter has attended several camps at Blandford Nature Center and has really enjoyed them.

  16. Monica, KDL Says:

    I’m glad she had a great time! Isn’t Blandford Nature Center awesome? (And I’m not just saying that because whenever I visit, I eat my weight in maple sugar candies…..)

  17. Lyla Says:

    We went to the Cascade Branch Farm on the Go. It was really fun to get to pet different animals and I got to hold a baby chick. It’s toes were sharp, but it’s feathers were soft, and it was a little shaky.

  18. Monica, KDL Says:

    You got to hold a baby chick? That’s so cool, Lyla!

  19. Matt Says:

    I was able to go to a Whitecaps game for my birthday. It was a great surprise that my wife put on. Great seats. Great Game. I really had a whole lot of fun.

  20. Monica, KDL Says:

    That does sound like a ton of fun! What a nice birthday idea. I hope you also took advantage of the many not-so-healthy-but-super-delicious food options available at the park! 🙂

  21. Kris Says:

    We went to the Meijer gardens yesterday and the kids had a blast with the water, treehouse, and digging for fossils.

  22. Monica, KDL Says:

    What an awesome weekend idea! Isn’t that tree house phenomenal? I always try to walk to the end of the garden and see the dragons, too.

  23. logan Says:

    I went to a Whitecaps baseball game.

  24. Monica, KDL Says:

    Hey Logan! That’s fantastic! Who won? 🙂

  25. Sarah Says:

    My 6 year old loves to do anything outside, but her favorite things are riding her bike or her scooter, or running through sprinklers or swimming. She’s also learning how to throw and catch a softball.

  26. Monica, KDL Says:

    Running through sprinklers is the BEST. It sounds like she has been doing a ton of great summer activities!

  27. Wendy Says:

    Just yesterday my son and I discovered the Calvin College Ecosystem. They have several trails to follow. As I was crossing the boardwalk over a swampy area, I saw a small turtle sunning itself on a branch. It was really a neat discovery to find in an area that is so close to malls and shopping.

  28. Caleb Says:

    My favorite sports are baseball and soccer. Me and my friends play outside a lot but, we don’t play baseball as much as we play soccer.

  29. Monica, KDL Says:

    Wendy, that’s awesome! I love the trails at Calvin College — it’s a great place to look for frogs, too. 🙂

    Caleb, baseball and soccer are definitely amazing. You and your friends must have tons of fun playing outside!

  30. Lorelei Says:

    I went to Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. It was so cool! I had a very good time looking at the sculptures, splashing in the Great Lakes boat race, and digging for dinosaur bones. I can’t wait to go back again!

  31. Monica, KDL Says:

    Dinosaur bones? That IS so cool, Lorelei!

  32. Morgan Says:

    I went camping in Allegan County with my family. We went on trails and saw an American Woodcock, a bunch of toads, a crane, a family of ducks and a big frog!

  33. Monica, KDL Says:

    What a fantastic-sounding camping trip! Morgan, I had no idea what an American Woodcock looked like, so I had to Google it. I’m impressed you saw one! It looks like they would blend in to the forest really well!

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