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What is RSS?  RSS, which commonly stands for “Really Simple Syndication” is a technology that allows for web content creators to easily publish or “syndicate” their web content to various sources on the web.  An RSS feed is written in the XML web language (a universal web formatting languaging) which makes it readable across most website and web-based technologies. 

So, what does RSS mean to you?  RSS allows users the ability to track all of the news items that interest them.  Most websites now, including KDL.org, feature RSS functionality which allow users to subscribe to an “RSS feed” which sends content to an “RSS reader”.  There are many different RSS readers available but they essentially do the same thing; they gather all of the RSS feeds you’ve chosen to receive, and present them in an organized format that allows you to read through all of them in single interface.  What are the advantages, you ask?  Well, rather than going to your ten favorite website every day to see what’s new, you can subscribe to their RSS feeds (if there are any available) and view all of their most recently published content in a single interface (your RSS reader).  From your RSS reader, you can quickly navigate through all the headlines, and then link to the full content of these items that interest you.  It’s basically like your own custom newspaper.

That’s RSS in a nutshell.  We hope that helps to clear things up a bit.  If you would like more information, or aren’t sure where to find a good RSS reader, try these links:


RSS Frequently Ask Questions

 Comprehensive list of web-based RSS Readers


RSS: The easy way to stay current with all the news you need to know.

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